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    Just wanted to post a pic of my dog.....

    This is our "Gypsy". Our daughter brought her over for the "weekend", six years ago. She is 10 now, and is the wife's guardian dog
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    1979 Ludwig 24" Thermogloss 6 ply Maple Bass drum...exceptional condition

    First series rounded edge B/O badged 6 ply maple, 24" x 14" bass drum. This one has a #781 single post tom mount..with a serial # of 2229253. Has the large 1/2" spurs, with large black plastic t-rods.The finish and condition on this one is scratches, checking, or tom-rash. Has...
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    Need One Zildjian 15" Hi Hat Cymbal, 60's Stamp

    hello Billster, I do have one close to that...60's stamp..915 you want a pic?...Any thoughts on the Ludwig set you asked me about?
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    Buying Cymbals on Reverb/online?

    Hello G...this is Musicman56.. from Green's the 20" working out? Welcome
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    SALE PENDING!!!Another 1970's Ludwig 5 piece Thermogloss Set for sale..w/ supraphonic

    SOLD..SOLD//THANK YOU ALL>>>1972 {?} Ludwig 5 piece Classic 3 ply maple Thermogloss drum set. B/O pointy badges with very close serial #'s. 3 ply shells w/ re-rings, natural maple finish..clear maple interiors. With matching Supraphonic snare. Extremely good original condition, no rust, pitting...
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    What Is Your Most Played Snare and Why?

    1981 eames Master Model 6.5 x14..15 ply birch, with 1982 Yamaha YD9000 lugs & hoops, Rogers powertone strainer& receiver, puresound copper 30 strand snares Why..because it's MY snare
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    ...the one cymbal that has/had the sound that can't be replaced

    late 60's 18" 602 flat ride...sold it in the 80's for 4 times what I thought it was worth...still miss it
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    Anyone Actually Play an Old A Zildjian Ride?

    still got/play a classic 60's A 22' medium ride...along with 50's 15" A light hats... still got THAT sound, whatever that really is
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    OT: What Is Your Favorite Rolling Stones Song or Album?

    Monkey Man...Memo from Turner...Sittin' On A Fence....Spider and the Fly
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    "Embarrasing" music you were a fan of.

    PDQ Bach...late 50's-early 60's female country{ Goldie Hill..Wanda Jackson...Ella Mae Morse...etc.etc}
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    David Byrne, Once in a Lifetime, SNL, GENIUS!

    absolutely NOT the same as it ever was....well played
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    1970's Ludwig 6 ply Maple thermogloss 7 piece set..22, 16, 13, 12, 10, 8, & 14 snare..all original and very clean

    This set was from a drum studio in Seattle..never gigged with. Very clean and original condition. 6 ply maple thermogloss finish, with clear interiors. Pointy B/O badges, no chrome pitting, everything original except heads. Could be a big beat set, I don't know. 22" x 14"...curved 1/2"...
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    SOLD..SOLD!!!K Zildjian Istanbul Hats. 14" stamp...great weights..860/899 grams...

    i will try, although i am not really set up to do a pro sounding sample.
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    SOLD..SOLD!!!K Zildjian Istanbul Hats. 14" stamp...great weights..860/899 grams...

    Very nice set, smooth edges, nice holes.Play very smooth and crisp, as expected from a pair with these weights. Previous owner scratched his name inside cymbals{ shown}..$550 plus actual shipping More photos available if wanted.
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    Favorite weird or comical band.

    Jeffrey Fredricks & the Clamtones....Uncle Bonsai....Holy Modal Rounders...Austin Lounge Lizards