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    fill-in gig questions...would you??

    Got a call lat night, offering a 4th of July fill-in gig. The regular drummer has to work, and can't make it. They want to practice twice a 12 practices before the gig. Her's MY problem with all of it. All the band members live about 5 minutes from the practice site...I live 50 miles...
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    NIB..Typhoon Cabasa holders and Bar Chime/assorted Brackets..$35 EA shipped

    These are new in package ..never opened or used.. $35 ea..shipped CONUS...Paypal please 2ea/ TXSA..Chrome Cabasa Holder w/ bracket 1ea/ TXIM Barchime Bracket and knurled rod Chrome
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    Favorite snare for rock old faithful Hot Rod Acrolite...{ isn't rock music really hot rod music?}
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    Was the Late Johnny Hutch the Beatles' First Choice to Replace Pete Best?

    Those floor toms were popular back then. Here's a picture of my last Olympic kit, with one. It was a B&H Ajax..14 x 16...and it was a little cannon. OT...I think I still have some shoes like those, packed away with all the leather stage outfits!!!
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    Wanna Buy A Drum Company? R.O.C. For Sale This Weekend...Estate Sale

    Checked SF craigslist yesterday{4-22-2019} the ROC estate sale is Still available, along with much of the other estate $8900 just a thought.
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    Slingerland kit on eBay... this one really made me laugh!!

    Yes, you are probably right on that call. After a few minutes of search, it shows the buyer has 0 transactions for last 6 months...
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    Slingerland kit on eBay... this one really made me laugh!!

    He is 2 hours north of me....for comparison...another almost identical set has been for sale on local craigslist { about 1 hour southeast of me} for 2 months , starting at $ down to $1000. His first ebay transaction was for a very nice black DW collectors 6 piece set, with K's...
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    Wanna Buy A Drum Company? R.O.C. For Sale This Weekend...Estate Sale

    I had one of those snares about 10 years ago..8 x ..parallel strainer ..heavy and loud...sold it at a local drum show ...
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    Calling all Slingerland experts!

    they are probably "Slangerlands"....but certainly not "Slingerlands"
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    "Dreamsville": Not OT

    That 50's- 60's theme music was wonderful..and so memorable. Totally mood setting. You KNEW what was on. I have all of the Gunn albums, but two of my favorites were "Mr. Lucky" and of course "77 Sunset Strip{snap..snap}" Most of it was bachelor pad/cocktail type ambiance..Even miss the other...
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    reverb listings guidelines?

    Hello all...I just tried to list a drum on reverb, and I got a message back from them stating" if we do not recognize the builder or brand, we cannot accept the listing"...sort of saying, if we don't know about it, it can't be good....strange viewpoint. And now they list record albums...
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    snare drum lug identification

    I did try to find them luck. They are "sort" of like the pearls...but the top of the lugs{ the faces } are rounded...still a bit of a mystery.The drum is a super one..built for a percussion professor...and used in many..many has many possible sounds..thanks all
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    snare drum lug identification

    Hole spacing is 4 1/2"'s some photos
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    snare drum lug identification

    These lugs are on a 7" deep snare drum...they are 4 1/4" tip to tip..does anyone recognize them ?