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    Yammie SC's

    That is new info. Thank you. I only have the catalogs of those Stage series. Let me check which one is my latest catalog later today, PPFD.
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    Yammie SC's

    As far as I know they were always made in Indonesia, then Taiwan and now China. The first stage series was made too in taiwan (back then part of the great republic of china).
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    Yammie SC's

    This was the global western catalog so it was out basically that year or max the year after depending if it was released on the Messe or at Namm. Curious why it took your store so long to order it.
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    Yammie SC's

    The March 2006 catalog still featured the SC Advantage Nouveau.
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    Yammie SC's

    It appeared in the March 2009 general drum catalog too.
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    Yammie SC's

    This is the SC catalog of June 2008.
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    Yammie SC's

    That is the one before last model. Let me see if that one is in the library in a few.
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    Yammie SC's

    I have the catalogs of mostly all SC era’s, if you want to know more. A picture of the badge helps indeed.
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    Hybrid Snares

    My buddy got the Bruner. He loves it I had two edge snare. Heavy and didn’t made me tickle as my cast bronze does. If you don’t want to break the bank, the Dixon Equator (Oak & Steel, Maple & Carbon Fiber, and Steel & Aluminum) is an edge snare for 1/3 of the price of a DW Edge. Yamaha...
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    More recording ?'s What mikes are people using ?

    My studio mic list: Shure KSM-27 x2 for Overheads (actually great for anything but excel as O) with the low cut switch activated. Shure SM-57 x2 for snare top and bottom Sennheisers MD-421 x4 from the 70’s for toms Sennheiser E-602 on kick Shure KSM-137 on hh Furthermore I have: Shure Unidyne...
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    00s DW Collectors Series Drums build questions

    Killer kit. As it is a 2001 model (DW's own shells) they have all that ready when you ask them too. I always contact them through FB and get a quick response. The switch from Keller to their own shells happened in 1998/1999. And even from those periods they still have some info.
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    Small Auxiliary Snare with a Marching Drum Sound

    Check out Remo TSS pads with the marching snare attachment. It is THAT sound you look for. It comes in different sizes (10/12/14 I believe) and they even had a mount for it to mount it to you hh stand.
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    Why do we buy vintage drums vs modern drums?

    I loved vintage drums but they became so overhyped it almost felt you warent part of music if you didn’t had a vintage kit. The only pro for me now would be the light weight, but that is also my con as I like meat when I play. It feels to light for me. And they don’t work for every style too.
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    Two toms mounted on bass drum

    I just played my ehole li It depends on what you sre used to. I have done it like this for 27 years now. And never had a problem With it. I played other options too but always came back at two tomes above the kick.
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    Jeff Ocheltree A Fraud?

    Really people? One cancer is worse than another? Every cancer is terrible and shouldn’t be here!