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    Upper Tier Snares and the Veblen Effect?

    That was a interesting and proper written essay on 9 am. A bit of an eye opener too. After spending 6k on a kit with custom snare and having spend 1600 on a custom Crav last year, but also enjoying my 180 bought beaten up supra from 61-63 and beaten up Jarrah Block from 1991 im probably...
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    Nicko leaves Sonor for British Drum Co

    And the link BDC - Remo / EMD (Distribution) certainly helps.
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    How Do You Store Your Cymbals?

    Expensive but killer rack. Up close. I store them in the Protection Racket AAA cymbal case, when not in use
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    The High End Yamaha Pedals? FP9?

    Buy the fp9500 (direct, strap or chain), be done with it and thank me later
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    Vocal mic with lesser bleed through

    Shure Beta 56 or Sennheiser 604/904. Or a SM57 with A2WS windscreen.
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    Helluva Unboxing Video: Tama Star Maple

    I can relate to him. I bought and sold for over 15 years, and now I can say I found my dream set to the last depth size. If the other two shells come in it will be a 6 piece and I have spend about $6230 on This custom baby. It started as a 4 piece a few weeks ago and was “used” by...
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    A new size for me - 8x14

    I ordered a 15x10 snare. Looking forward to receive and play it.
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    Duluth Brass Manufacturing Redux.

    These old true cast (Pre 2003) Bronze models sound pretty damn good to me though.
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    Duluth Brass Manufacturing Redux.

    So back in the 90’s DW had production and one off special artist (like this Aswhon Sood 12x6,5 model bronze snares. Were these made by Duluth too?
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    Favorite Wooden Snare You Have Ever Played or Heard

    My 12x7 1991 Jarrah Block. Versatile, compact, and powerful.
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    dw True Cast bronze snare

    Probably a custom Dave Elitch spec’ed Duluth. Ive read they already sold out. If it wasn’t for the high price tag, I would snap the 6,5. I can see why the price is high, as the first runs always are more expensive. For now it is...
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    Gong Drums

    I had a 20'' over 20'' gong in my Oak rig and a 22'' over 21'' gong in my second DW kit. I also had a red 22'' over 21'' for a short period. I will order one for my new and probably last kit too next year.
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    Gong Drums

    The true size is a single 22'' head over a 20'' shell. Tama started with these and DW followed quickly. this most likely because of Pink Floyd, as Gary Wallis was a Tama guy (and Nick Mason a Ludwig guy) before they both switched to DW for the Division Bell Tour. DW changed to a 22'' head...
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    PINK FLOYD "Alternate Versions" Friday 5-fer

    I'm still bummed that I missed the 1994 tour. My favorite maybe of all next to Pompeï. Glad I saw David Gilmour in 2016 in Tienen: And Nick Mason with ''Saucerful'' Last year in Amsterdam. I did get to meet Gary and Floyd tech Clint two years ago on the Musikmesse, and kept in warm touch with...
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    Hate For 18" Deep Bass Drums. Just Me?

    The last few kits I switched from 18'' to 17'' to 16'' Now the Maple/Mahogany 22x16'' sounds deeper and feels more responsive than my 22x18 Birch Custom Absolute, and that the biggest, deepest sound I ever played.