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    Yamaha Stage Customs... and what about the snare?

    The Puresound Custom Pro 20 always works great for most if the snares I have and had. Never use a steel wire but always nylon or a woven strap.
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    How far will you go to buy a matching snare for your kit?

    I always couldn’t stand maching snares i was the black snares go with everything guy And then this happened. A custom 15x10 snare in Maple Mahogany exactly matching the kit. It will be used as a ballad kind kf snare on the side. I use a different (but coincidentally matching wood grain)...
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    Yamaha Stage Customs... and what about the snare?

    With the right heads, wires, string or strap, and tuning the SC snares are great snares outdoing most other affordable kit snares tbh.
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    I am looking into the Motu B16 because of the AVB option. If purely as step up in pre’s, I think a new interface like Universal Audio X8P, Antelope Audio Synergy Core or maybe Apogee Symphony would be a better investment.
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    Using a crash as a ride

    I love my 19'' K brilliant IAK Dark Crash for this.
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    nick mason’s “the wall” drum kit

    You can find them in France. Rumy the owner of the page got them. The Cortex Ludwig.
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    New custom order coming in.

    Delayed by Covid, I ordered this custom snare in the fall of last year. And Yesterday I finally got the “white room” picture from my sales rep. I already have a great 12x7 Jarrah Block as a main snare. I actually have two main snares (I own a 14x5 ‘65 Supraphonic too) and a third one coming...
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    Wow. That walnut. I thought I could do with only a Supra and custom maple snare. But that walnut. Need. To. Have.
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    Why are these so expensive?

    Hagi. Not Hodgi. The PHX bop is even priced higher, but this is much more than a bop kit (this was the one I had on loan for more than two years). It is capable of sounding like. 13/16/22 yet having the small footprint and weight saves tremendously...
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    metal shelled drum sets

    I had this kit once: Asba was doing steel kit back in the 70’s. Very warm sounding. And they started making drums again:
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    metal shelled drum sets

    I always fancied this one.
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    Drum companies that don't make their own shells

    DW does it mostly. Not all. Large sizes (I red everything over 24” comes from Keller) and rare product runs like stave are still outsourced.
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    Jeff Porcaro Kit History

    Sauerkrautz you are. I must have missed those. Lighten up.
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    Roy Haynes Yamaha Copper Snare Value?

    This is the seamless first generation model. The concert model is also very nice and a bit more sensative.
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    Roy Haynes Yamaha Copper Snare Value?

    That is the second non seamless model. Still a great snare. Dark.