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    Your experiences with jazz-like drumheads

    My 2004 Gretsch USA MAPLE kits: 12-14-18, and 10-12-14-16-22 came with coated Gretsch Permatones Bstter and Reso The fellow at Forks who sold me these said “I’m kinda giving it some thought myself “
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    Yamaha Stage Custom Hip 4-piece Shell Pack

    Just last month bought and had Memphis drum shop cut the BD of YSCB 22x17 down to 22x13 3/4. Much easier to get in and out of the car and a little lighter. Sounds fine to me ( only just played the kit 10-12-16-22 out first time 3 days ago. I ”grew up” playing a Ludwig New Yorker with 22x12 so...
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    Mel Lewis Signature Cymbals?

    By all means try before you buy. Or at lest have sound files of the cymbal. I bought onefew years ago after listening to some online. Each is probably very unique. The one I received was VERY disappointing. Very inconsistent from area to area and unpleasant overtones in the wash.
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    Are 18"-22" deep Bass Drums doomed to be completely undesirable?

    Just ordered a YAMAHA Stage Custom 22-10-12-16 to use at off site ( up stairs) rehearsals and to take to out door gigs etc and to “lighten the load” Memphis Drum shop happily trimmed 22-17 to 22-14. Have always preferred shallow depths ( Still have my first Ludwig NEW YORKER I got in 1962...
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    INDe Drums For Sale - 22-12-14

    Still for sale?
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    Still for sale?

    Still for sale?
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    Ludwig B B & B Magic Snare Drums

    I recently received from K Waltrip and 5x14 TKO. It has (per CW)an exceptionally resonant shell for the line. I'd appreciate tips from your experience on tuning to get optimal snare repsonse and sound. Thanks M Walk