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    Slingerland Marching Snare *FOUND*

    I have a 10x14” if that does anything for you.
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    Anybody have a 17" drum ?

    I have a couple.
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    Ludwig 26" Bass Hoops WANTED.

    I have some.
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    Ludwig 14x14 B/O badge - 6 lugs or 8?

    What does the inside of the shell look like? Leg mounts don’t look like Ludwig.
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    SOLD: Free Dunnett R4L Ludwig style throwoff | Pay shipping

    I’ll take it. I’ll send you a DM. Thx
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    Inde Drum BR2XL - $85 shipped CONUS - SOLD

    Interested. I’ll send you a DM. Thx
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    vintage ludwig weird sizes , how do i sell these

    Nice looking setup. I have a 1970s 13” rack and 16” floor tom orphans in SBP if you’re interested. I’d consider selling them off if I’m not able to come across a bass drum to complete the kit. I also have a brand new, never played, SBP snare for sale. Send me a DM if you want to discuss...
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    Why isn't my cymbal selling?

    And that’s what you call capitalism.
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    Ludwig Vistalite Bass Drum

    This one just popped up in Houston.
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    Looking for value help with Ludwig Vintage Set- Tampa Fl

    Sorry for tying to help. Good luck on the sale and God Bless you.
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    Looking for value help with Ludwig Vintage Set- Tampa Fl

    To get a quick estimate, I would just say $300 per drum, $100 per cymbal, and $50 for each stand. Also note there are no 1/2” sizes for the drums or cymbals.
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    Wanted: Ludwig Club Date "Clipper" floor tom legs

    I have some. Send me a DM.
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    SOLD Pair of DW tom mounting brackets

    Intersted. Sending you a DM. Thanks
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    Paiste 2002 19” Thin Crash SOLD

    Interested. Sending you a DM. Thanks.
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    60s A Zildjian Date/Price Check

    Looks like a ‘60s 3-dot stamp to me.