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    Pearl 1973 ish Wood/Fiberglass Rehab Complete

    I really like the dark red sparkle, nice set
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    New old drums for me - Ludwig this time

    I guess that finish is thermo gloss? Is that a wrap or natural maple? Very nice looking kit
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    Need a set screw for Ludwig mount!

    You could possibly find one at a hardware store
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    New Speed King?'s

    It's pretty straight forward, unscrew the tension screws underneath take the springs out, and here's a video to remove the end caps to remove and clean the bearings, clean grease around cams. The cams are not removable, I put springs/ tension screws/bearings, in a bowl and clean everything with...
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    New Speed King?'s

    If your vintage speed king is stiff to play, it is most likely the grease is gummy that is packed around the springs and cams up top, take it apart and clean everything and regrease. The nice thing about the new issues is the heel hinges have bearings instead of the vintage ones being metal on...
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    New Speed King?'s

    I use either a 70's Camco or 70's Speed King, love them both, and no the beater isn't adjustable (on either) just to lengthen/shorten the throw. My Camco sometimes hits my shin like the Speed King :toothy9:
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    New old drums for me - Ludwig this time

    Especially those sizes
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    What is this drum worth? 20’s NOB

    What part of the shell is two peice ?
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    New old drums for me - Ludwig this time

    Nice set !, that must sound awesome
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    Vintage Ludwig's

    Centennial are between accent (and Accent cs) and classic maples. Btw Accent CS is way better than the lower Accent
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    Vintage Ludwig's

    I don't think the op's drums are centennial I think they're cs custom, which are great drums for the price
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    SOLD Vintage Ludwig 13/16/22 Project shells w great potential! $299

    More like citrus mod?
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    Vintage Ludwig?

    Wow that poor drum