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    Charlie Watts' hands view

    I was thinking to myself; how can you be sure that is Watts? Then I heard that China over the hats and thought: well that settles that.
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    Dawes Drummer's Dad is a Fraud

    I respects both crusaders and zealots, you do what you need to do Jim. Don’t listen to these fellas, they are apathetic and don’t know the pleasure of a good witch hunt. You hunt Goldsmith to the ends of the earth if need be.
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    Why are these so expensive?

    There is no reasonable explanation.
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    choosing a pricey/custom snare

    One think that I have learned over many years and many snares is that I prefer plywood snares.
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    Venues going under

    I think Houndog summed it up
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    RINGO and....Ray Wylie Hubbard??

    Awh, and we were all playing so nice.
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    RINGO and....Ray Wylie Hubbard??

    Mono: Stereo:
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    RINGO and....Ray Wylie Hubbard??

    I was going to say very Keltner-ish. I think that is spot on.
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    Have you ever just felt like....

    I very rarely loose my cool.....unless I’m trying to get something and something else is in my way; then I grab it and throw it across the room and yell: “Get out of my way Motherf*****!” Other than that I pretty even keel.
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    Anyone built a wall mounted shelf for storing snare drums?

    Instead of placing the supports on the floor you could attached then to your floor joists and let the shelves hang.
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    Hail, fire, blood as rain, a Star called Wormwood and a change in Journey’s rhythm section all prequel a rider on a pale horse.
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    Narada Michael Walden Joins Journey

    Who? I think they should have went with Mickey Dee and kicked it up a notch.
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    OT: Your Favorite Coen Brothers Film

    I did not enjoy No Country For Old Men and do not care for Cormac McCarthy in general. He is a twisted individual and there is no need to bring his mental malevolence to the screen. To answer the question directly; it is The Big Lebowski where Sam Elliot makes his appearance as God and John...
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    What is it with lads?

    When someone is not listening then you have to make them listen. Issues like this need to be addressed on the spot. Next time you are in this situation; you are attempting to speak and are being ignored, stop the whole conversation on the spot. “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on, hold on. Listen to me...
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    OT: what do you think of where you live?

    I live in SW New Hampshire, a transplanted from CT. I have been living here for three years and love it. Having said that, the locals are not the friendliest people I have ever met in fact some of the are like something out of a Steven King novel. This is a typical conversation if I run into...