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    Heart 1970's Live! Friday 5fer

    You, simply, can not beat a young Ann Wilson. Absolutely smoking.
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    I guess I am old but I find this puzzling

    There will never be a shortage of apologists for those who provide poor service and product. I’ll never understand these people. There was an incident on my Facebook Sonor Group about a year back. A fella had ordered a new SQ2 kit. It finally came in, he unpacked it, inspected it an immediately...
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    I guess I am old but I find this puzzling

    NobleCooleyNut, if we extrapolate your position should eBay eliminate its feedback function and Amazon it’s reviews?
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    OT - What was the best "golden age" decade in music?

    Perhaps mot my personal favorite but I don’t know how you beat roughly 64-74. From the Beatles to Zeppelin and everything in between.
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    Were you ever bitterly disappointed by a signature product?

    I played the SCBBR twice. That is definitively one I just stared gobsmacked and perplexed at.
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    O.T. Firing a Client... (long post warning)

    The main thing that I would consider when standing at this crossroads is the persons sphere and degree of influence as well as their propensity for revenge. I have had two experiences in my life where I butted heads with someone and severed a relationship, one in the sphere of...
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    Wow...Steve Maxwell selling customers 20 year collection part 1

    I like guys who let you know the price.
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    OT... Anyone live in or near Keene, NH?

    I live in the next town over; Roxbury. Feel free to PM me if you have specific questions.
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    Tama 6.5” Superstar Mastercraft in Piano White Lacquer

    If you have one you’d like to sell, trade or if you have a lead on one, please let me know. Thanks.
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    Tama 6.5” Tama Fibrestar Snare

    If you have one you’d like to sell or trade please let me know. Thanks.
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    Hitting the left crash cymbal with traditional grip

    I think Steve Ferrone is the master of this. Watch Clapton’s 24 Nights and marvel.
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    Alright, I’m going to take that is you waving a flag of concession. I don’t blame you. You really have no other option. We’ll wait and see what happens when this Peter Jackson Get Back infomercial comes out. Will it have some solid, pronged footage of Starkey playing his method or like the...
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    If any”Pros” have left this forum it is because guys like you and society at large entitle them with your Sycophant-ish celebrity worship to the point that they can no longer stand a hot kitchen. Go back a reread this thread, I never said that “He didn’t play on the Beatles recordings” that’s...
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    Wait a minute, I thought that was a Conspiracy Theory, now you’re saying it’s true? Conspiracy Theory; the parlor trick of the intellectually defunct when the can’t argue a position on its merits. I do get you though, it is hard to resist when it is so effective but consider your audience...
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    Oh well, I’ll let you fellas have your little Ringo Starr circle jerk back. It was fun stoping in and watching the degree of logical fallacy and sophistry some of you had to stoop to in an attempt to avoid just posting some videos of Starkey actually playing his most iconic post Revolver drum...