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    Drum Overheads - Is There an SM81 Killer Out There?

    SM81 or similar will be fine for live work, but go ahead and save up for a pair of Coles 4038 if you're recording..
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    Favorite 90's Drummers

    Matt Cameron for me
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    What's your absolute favorite song?

    Nobody's Fault from Aerosmith's Rocks album gets me every time.
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    Acrylic Drums, Love 'Em or Not

    Always felt like acrylics were designed to be louder, as well as more focused as somebody said. I have a Ludwig 70's smoke set, virgin 26x16, 14/16/18. Some of the sound complaints come from guys trying to tune them for a more modern sound and they dont sound great with 2 ply heads and lower...
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    Better Sizes or Better Kit?

    I'm of the opinion that sizes (i.e. tuning range) will be of more benefit than shell construction, materials, etc. For instance, on a backline kit I'd rather show up and have the sizes I want rather than a high end kit with small sizes, which is what usually happens. I've said before that head...
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    Chaka Kahn on drums

    Awesome, thanks for posting that, Radio King!
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    CONFESSION: I'm a cover band snob...

    Cover bands can be a lot of fun with the right players and attitude. A good setlist will really stretch you out, nailing lots of different drummers' grooves from several decades worth of hits. In my experience, it has the potential to pay extremely well if properly marketed. You need guys who...
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    Did this ever happen to you ?

    I had the same thing happen when I lent a kit to a good friend several years ago for their cd release party. The bass player promptly launched himself from my 26x16 virgin smoke vistalite kick mid set. I haven't provided cartage with that kit since. Didn't hurt it, but whoooo.....
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    Tuning for recording vs. tuning for playing

    ^ this is true, there's not usually a lot of extra time for experimenting. When I was 15 or so, and had a couple sessions under my belt, I asked a local studio owner if I could come in on an off day and work on my drum sounds. He agreed, and I got to spend a Monday and Tuesday in there just...
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    Temperature changes and drum tuning

    Yep, this is a constant issue- especially for road guys. Temps do affect tuning greatly- as does humidity. Drums that have ridden under the bus, or in a warm vehicle will definitely need more tuning when it's really cold or hot out. Coastal gigs or humid/rainy outdoor stuff for me always called...
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    Tuning for recording vs. tuning for playing

    While we're on the recording subject, I should add- fully 75% of non-pro drummers I record play the cymbals entirely too hard. I do understand about different styles of music calling for different approaches, but you should be whacking the bejeezus out of your drums and just "pushing" the...
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    Alesis DM7 module dead - options?

    Thanks guys, I bought a DM10 module to get back goin'. I appreciate the input!
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    Tuning for recording vs. tuning for playing

    I would say #1 has to be properly tuned drums for both live and for recording situations. This includes "tuning to the room". These are not necessarily 2 separate treatments, although they can be- depending on the room and desired sounds. Most pros I know have a great sounding kit, and it's not...
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    Alesis DM7 module dead - options?

    Like the title says, my lessons and practice set will no longer power up. Alesis wants $125 to look at it, nope! Any suggestions on what else will plug and play as far as modules go? Zero concern for sound quality or sample library, just something else that is compatible. Kit is only used for...
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    When "Rock Stars" Are Jerks

    I've had the opportunity to meet and interact with many "stars" over the years. As some have said, in my experience, usually the bigger the personalities- the nicer they are. Exceptions of course.. I should say too, that I just don't subscribe to the idea of "celebrity". I've worked...