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    DW Retro Flush Snare stand vs DW Ultralight

    I would also vouch for the regular 6000 stand. I’ve gigged the same one heavily for about 7 years and no issues at all. It’s just a bit more robust.
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    WTB Istanbul Agop 18" Epoch

    Looking to buy one in good condition. Thanks!
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    WTB Istanbul Agop 20" Vezir Ride

    Thinking you're probably right. This might be a difficult one to find. Thanks!
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    WTB Istanbul Agop 20" Vezir Ride

    Bump. 21” could also work. Heavier 21” Vezir jazz ride perhaps.
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    My Agops for newer 5x14" Gretsch USA COB

    Hey all! Looking for this snare. Have lots of Agops to work a deal, but could potentially buy outright. Thanks!
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    WTB Istanbul Agop 20" Vezir Ride

    Hey everybody! Looking to buy a 20" Agop Vezir Ride. Not the Vezir Jazz, but the regular heavier weight. Looking for a newer label that looks like this: I've also got some Agops that I could trade: Thanks!
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    FOUND: Istanbul Agop 21" Sig Ride

    Right on! I'll get some pics and a soundfile soon.
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    FOUND: Istanbul Agop 21" Sig Ride

    Hey all! Looking for one in the 1800-1950g range. I have a bunch of Agop cymbals I could also work into a trade, including a 22" OM, 22" SE TW, 15" 30th hats, 20" Mel, 20" Sig and a 21" Sultan flat ride. Thanks for looking and stay healthy!
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    15” hats for jazz combos. Anyone play them?

    Yes, 15" Agop 30th's for sax trio. At first I found them a bit sluggish, but now I'm finding they actually offer up so many more possibilities than my 13's or 14's. They respond well at all volumes and the tone is just so fat!
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    18’’ Bass drum conversion, what should I know?

    I had great success converting a 16" C&C Player Date FT to a bass drum. There were a few limitations, specifically that I didn't want to re-drill holes for the Gibraltar gull wing leg brackets. So using the existing clamps I chose to take a hacksaw to the legs and shorten them (they now...
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    Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary

    That's amazing insight, thank you! It definitely clears things up. I guess it does beg the question as to why they felt the need to change them in the first place. Being an "anniversary" model, maybe they were intended as a limited run, but that changed due to their success. And cymbal making is...
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    Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary

    You're right! No doubt they have differing sonic characteristics. In some instances I've seen ones that have such a heavy patina (appears more like a manufacturing finishing process than natural aging) that they at least look like they're from a completely different cymbal line, and perhaps...
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    Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary

    Hey everyone! I'm unsure if this has been covered before--apologies if this is redundant. I play a set of Agop 30th's and I've always been preoccupied with the different "generations" of this line. I've bought and sold a number of them, and currently, just by coincidence I seem to have a set...
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    WANTED: Istanbul Agop Mel Lewis 13" Hi Hats

    Looking for a set of these, preferably not too thin. Seems like a long shot, but I can offer up a really nice and thin Agop 21" Sultan china. I also have some beautiful 16" natural maple tom hoops from Stellar Drums with a WMP inlay. They're mint!
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    Agop Sale

    I'd take a soundfile of the Chamberlain as well, please.