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    Gretsch 50/60s 3 ply Champagne Sparkle

    Does anyone happen to have a 12” or 20” 3 ply orphans or pairing in champagne sparkle? Long shot I know but thought I’d ask. If so please PM me. Thanks for the help!
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    Help with 60’s Gretsch Snare Setup

    Thanks KO! This one has a new factory replacement with the locking feature. So I’d say yes but not sure if the new ones are also different in a way that would not work as well for disengaging the wires.
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    Help with 60’s Gretsch Snare Setup

    I’ve got a 60’s Gretsch snare with the micro-sensitive throw-off. New heads fit fine and the reso even conforms to the beds pretty well (no wrinkle on one side/ slight on the other). Sensitivity is good but I’m having trouble getting the snare wires to disengage all the way. Doesn’t seem to be...
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    13” Slingerland 40’s RK Stick-Chopper Engraved Hoop

    Please DM me if you have one available. In-round and flat. Scuffs and dings are fine. Thanks!
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    Paiste, Istanbul, Vintage Zildjian

    I purchased two of the cymbals from the estate. Michael is a very nice guy and the cymbals arrived just as described. I’m very happy with the transaction. Just wanted to pass along the positive vibes.
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    Slingerland 14” 8 Lug Radio King Stick Chopper NOB Hoop (Top)

    Anybody happen to have one for sale? Thank you!
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    SOLD Ludwig 20’s 2-Piece Brass 4x14” 8 Lug Snare Drum

    Sale pending. Thanks everyone!
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    1910’s Oliver Ditson 4x14 1 ply Maple Thumb Rod Snare Drum

    Here’s another drum I’ve loved. It’s been my “Levon” snare (except this one is 1 ply maple). This is a 1910’s (I think) Oliver Ditson 1 ply maple snare with 10 thumb rods. This drum is all original except heads and wires. It plays great and takes modern heads. Re-rings are tight and no issues...
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    SOLD Ludwig 20’s 2-Piece Brass 4x14” 8 Lug Snare Drum

    Here’s a beautiful playing workhorse of mine for sale. The classic 20’s Ludwig 2-piece heavy brass shell snare. 8 Lugs. Top hoop is NOB and appears to be original. The throw-off works great and holds. Tunes easily and plays great! Things to note: T-rods, clips and bottom hoop are not original...
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    Cymbal set at tonal opposite end of spectrum

    Of the ones you listed I’d recommend the Xist. I have some and love them. They aren’t expensive and have a nice and bright character without being too abrasive/harsh. I’d also suggest going to a local drum store if possible and take your cymbals to compare.
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    Zildjian 20” K Con Flat Ride

    Just wanting to see if anyone might have a K Con flat available. DM me if you do or have any leads. Thanks!
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    Slingerland Beavertail Small Lugs

    I’m looking for 12 of these in nickel finish preferably with screws and washers but I’ll take what I can get. No cracks please. I know DFD makes repros but I’m trying for OG’s first since the rest of my kit is OG. Thanks much!
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    The BEST sounding snare drum, the WORST sounding snare drum

    John Mayer’s Continuum album has several great snare sounds from tight and popping to low and thudding. That’s one that stands out to me right now. The worst, I my opinion, is Metallica’s “St Anger”. Although the song did well on the charts and it was certainly unique.
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    Cowbell recommendations

    Depending how loud you need my favorite is the vintage Ludwig Gold Tone. It’s a little thinner gage material giving a slightly softer and warmer sound than many modern bells. It’s featured on many hit songs and fairly affordable. … it appears I’m also late to the party, haha
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    Nashville Slingerland Bop/jazz

    Are the Tour shells the same as the Studio King’s?