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    What does MC stand for in Instanbul Mehmet MC Jazz series?

    Ask Forum member Murat - he is a Mehmet Dealer
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    Does anyone else like 1 brand of drumsticks but another brand of brushes and the like?

    I used to use Regal Tip pretty much exclusively when it came to sticks and brushes . Now with their incompetence and poor Customer Service I will be looking for new stick and brush manufacturers . Vic Firth has the lead in my new search - I love the Peter Erskine Big Band stick and I still...
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    Just one Ludwig snare

    Interesting to see some wood shell Ludwig snares making people’s choice . Ludwig’s metal shell snare drums have overshadowed their wood shell snare drums .
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    Noble and Cooley solid shells are oversized?

    All the N&C snares I have owned to date have not been oversized .
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    Big Announcement from Noble and Cooley tomorrow

    N&C introduced a new drum kit line made from Tulipwood shells . They called it the Union Series hardening back to the days when they made drums for the Union Army out of Tulipwood . That’s is it in a nutshell
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    Big Announcement from Noble and Cooley tomorrow

    No Ryan , I did not . I did expect the usual posts about it being too expensive and why would you buy a new kit when you could spend less money on used kit from some other manufacturer . The while North/South thing and wealth thing did surprise me to be honest .
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    Big Announcement from Noble and Cooley tomorrow

    They are optional - you don’t have to get the Center band mounts .
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    Well I did it again...Road trip! Yay!

    I know one .
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    Show us your prettiest kits.....

    Changed my vote to my recently acquired N&C CD Maple Kit in my favourite Honey Maple gloss lacquer .
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    Paiste cymbal cleaner

    I still have a bottle of cleaner and protector left - will be cleaning my cymbals as it gets colder and the gigs dry up .
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    2Box Drumit 3,DDrum Triggers

    2Box Drummit 3 is open source and can be configured to work with other manufacturers pads and triggers . My local shop has one and I am very impressed .
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    Well I did it again...Road trip! Yay!

    Senior scores again !! Perfect sizes for you too . Congratulations
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    Just one Ludwig snare

    Ok Folks - We are all aware there are lots of Ludwig snare drum fans in here , so let’s pose this question and see what comes up . You are allowed to have just ONE Ludwig snare drum only , what would it be ? For me personally my choice would be the 5 “ Black Beauty . I had about a half dozen...
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    Heel up or flat foot?

    I mainly play heel down , but do heel up playing for some figures . Playing one technique or the other is limiting . For example feathering the bass drum is far easier with heel down . Playing forcefully is easier playing heel up . Don’t limit yourself to one technique only .
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    Big Announcement from Noble and Cooley tomorrow

    You are wrong Tulipwood is not “junk” wood - it is a hardwood . If you have ever played a Tulipwood SS snare from N&C you will quickly realize this a kit a “junk wood” snare . They are some of the best snares N&C makes .