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    Options for 3 Up and 2 Down, please

    My vote goes to the 8/10/12/14/16/22 - I think the 2” difference between toms just makes tuning so much easier and the separation of pitch is easier . The 8/10/12 makes tom placement across the front easier than the larger option . My second vote would be a 10/12/13/16/22 foregoing the 14”...
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    OT- New Cat

    We had to put Amy down a few months back - a great cat she lived till she was 18. Darn Cancer got her sadly . My son’s girlfriend moved in with us and she has an orange tabby named Buddy who is a sweet cat . We are considering the addition of a kitten to keep Buddy company . Amy (pictured )...
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    Shopping in a "Real" Drum Shop

    Probably the worst experience I have ever had at “real” drum shop was a number of years ago at Just Drums in Toronto . This was when it was owned by Dave Hamilton . A little background , I had done a fair amount of business at this shop over the years . I even arranged a deal for Dave yo get a...
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    Show Off Your Entire Snare Collection

    Pearl and Tama and DW Oh My !!
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    New Ludwig kit purchase

    That was a limited edition kit for the 110th Anniversary - they also had a white wash version as well . My local shop had the white version and it was very expensive and only sold this year . Too bad because they are wonderful drums. I considered buying the white version but decided on my...
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    What was your favorite music store as a kid?

    Yes they were first in a location behind Yonge Street , then moved to King Street West . Peter and Dave Rundle (who now owns Headhunter Drum sticks ) we’re two great guys to deal with .
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    What was your favorite music store as a kid?

    The Toronto Percussion Centre . This was a very cool shop , I took lessons there for awhile and they were a big Gretsch dealer . They had other brands too , but Gretsch were the most numerous brand . They sold shell packs and usually added whatever hardware people wanted . I bought my first...
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    Walnut! And my snare collection

    I have owned a few walnut snares I’ve the years , ply, solid and stave . I am down to just one Walnut snare these days and it might be my favourite Walnut snare ai have ever owned . It is the pictured Walnut stave snare from Quebec builder Ebenor Percussion . The snare was bought in a moment of...
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    The Official DFO Random Drum Photo Thread!

    Some More random pics from a recent gig and a 1967 Ludwig 400 snare and a Tama Trackmaster 6.5”
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    Remo Ambassador vs Evans UV1

    I have gone back to Remo about 4 years ago . I like the feel and sound of the coated ambassadors and Remo CS for snare drum batters . I purchased a snare with an Evans UV1 on it and it surprised me how loud the brush sweep sound was on this head . It felt stiffer and sounded more plasticy than...
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    Keller getting out of the drum shell business ?

    So I keep hearing from various people that Keller is getting out of the drum shell business . Does anyone know for certain of this is true ? When are they stopping production ?
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    Roland buys Sunluck

    Yes - Ronn Dunnett has been hired on as Director of Public Relations and HR .
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    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    Pics from last night’s gig . This Gretsch USA Custom kit has become my very favourite kit since I received it in April of this year . It feels like a comfortable pair of old shoes . Everything is exactly what I like on this kit . The bass drum cymbal arm and Tom mount and no RIMS mounts . The...
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    Who owns only one set of cymbals?

    These are not my only set , but they would be the last cymbals I would ever sell . I have had a LOT of cymbals over the past 20 years . Paiste is my preferred brand and this particular setup ticks off a lot of the boxes for me . The setup left to right : 15” Paiste 602 Modern Essentials hats...
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    Old Niles, IL Slingerland factory sighting

    The Niles Slingerland was a far better design than the Damen Avenue Ludwig plant. Having the plant all in one level is much better .