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    Live From My Drum Room With Rick Marotta & Steve Gadd.

    Yeah John this is PRICELESS you should be sainted for doing these. They are keeping me sane (or however close I am to it.) You gotta get Andy Newmark to do one (and JERRY!) And if anyone hasn't heard Rick and Gadd playing together, it doesn't get much better than John Tropea "Live At Mikell's."...
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    Paiste Traditional Med Light 22”

    Kluger, I'll try and help you out here. I have had one of these for a long time, as has been said above, it's a GREAT all around ride. It's warm and blends very well, while still providing some "cut." Here is a clip of me playing it at a big outdoor festival, it's very representative of exactly...
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    What would your dream snare be ?

    First, to answer the question. The only snare still "on my list" is a 6.5 Zelkova, but I need to find a good deal on a used one. Secondly, as someone who owns a Brady Jarrah ply drum, I can tell all of the guys looking for one that if you can find a Yamaha Bamboo (or any other brand making...
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    Any examples of removing wrap from gretsch then diy lacquer job?

    (I hope this Reverb seller isn't a member here, because I'm about to insult him.) It looks like someone on Reverb has been hitting the chloroquine again, because that's INSANE!!! I don't know how the new ones compare to the older ones, (nor do I know what the newer ones actually sell for, but...
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    Any examples of removing wrap from gretsch then diy lacquer job?

    Sorry Joe, I ain't got nothing for sale. And I ain't buying anything. Yeah I bought my backup SCDR from Tom. Yeah I know, "Backup SCDR?!?!?!? I have one SCDR that is AMAZING and sentimental. I would never want to put it on a plane or have it get lost or damaged, so YES I bought a backup (it's...
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    Any examples of removing wrap from gretsch then diy lacquer job?

    Yup you are absolutely right. It's like those parents in the 80's lecturing their kids about not smoking as they have a butt hanging from their lips. "It's (cough cough) really (cough cough cough) bad (hack up some phlegm) for you. Don't let me catch you smoking! Hey, do you have a match???"...
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    Any examples of removing wrap from gretsch then diy lacquer job?

    Tom this is an intervention!!!! So you are finally happy cymbal-wise. But be careful! A VERY cool vintage kit, a cool "modern" kit, a cool little personalized kit, a teaching kit.... That's how it all starts. The next step is, "Hmmmn, I haven't played a 5 piece kit for a while, maybe I'll...
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    Favorite Jack DeJonette cymbal set?

    Semantics. (But I think we ARE agreeing here.) So (for you) I'll add "If you try to SIMPLY break it down into exercises.... I'll NEVER disparage or negate the process of breaking down or analyzing someone's approach in music, art, or whatever.... But you HAVE to take that process and BALANCE...
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    Stan Lynch - Facebook Live Chat - Saturday, May 30th - 2pm ET

    Great job John, these are always fun to watch, now I just need to figure out how to submit a question. I actually signed up for Facebook just for this! I tried to ask a question via the "chat" screen, but I didn't see it on the screen. Oh well. I could listen to Stan talk about drumming all...
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    Favorite Jack DeJonette cymbal set?

    When I interviewed Vinnie we were talking (and laughing) about transcribing Elvin, and trying to "cop" Elvin, and one of us said, "Yeah but once he starts grunting, forget it!" I think the same can be said about Jack, if you try and break it down into "exercises" you are missing the forrest for...
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    Roy Haynes Yamaha Copper Snare Value?

    I have the concert model, and I agree with you, it's more sensitive (due to the strainer, and I am probably in the minority about that strainer, I love it!) I did a side by side of the two drums, and I like the concert model (although it does have a seam) more than Roy's drum. I just don't see...
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    Jeff Porcaro Kit History

    So apparently Kelly and I are "nobody's." Glad to see that I'm in good company! I've noticed recently that reading comprehension is optional on DFO. All in good fun, MSG PS. Cool picture though! I still think that's them on Kingdom of Desire. Thanks, "Nobody" MSG
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    Favorite Jack DeJonette cymbal set?

    I was there when Jack got his first 3 point ride sent to him from Sabian. We both played it, and Chick, Jack, and I talked cymbals with for a while. And when HE played it, it was wonderful. I never really dug any of the Sabian's, but man did they sound great when he played them. He invited me to...
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    Anyone built a wall mounted shelf for storing snare drums?

    I "helped" build these for simple storage. I say helped because it was part of finishing my drum studio, and I hired a pro to do the big stuff. He designed and built the shelves to be fully adjustable with a CNC machine. The shelves could be free standing, but they are supported-attached with L...
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    Drumming Headphones Advice

    Direct Sound=$119 vs. Ultraphones= $240 for a far superior product that the manufacturer will stand behind if they ever break. Not even a question for me. Also, I always go the headphone route because my audiologist is still not convinced that in-ears are not bad for your ears. He is one of the...