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    Recordings That Can’t Be Improved

    Aw! That one was mine!
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    That one drummer...

    I think one could hear a lot of lazy attempts at Tony Williams (Tony) in my playing. For me, there was a B.T (“before Tony”) an A.T (“after Tony”) in my personal development. The first time I heard him, everything changed.
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    A&F drums?

    DW. Can’t forget DW.
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    Faces to the names

    “Hangin’ With Hank”
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    Let's Celebrate the Unheralded Greats -- Favorites

    Billy Ficca of Television. An inventive and idiosyncratic player. Michael Shrieve Already mentioned: Frank Butler, Gary Mallaber.
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    What do you play along to?

    “The Art of Conversation” by Kenny Barron and Dave Holland is great to record yourself to, since it’s only piano and bass and, obviously, those two really swing.
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    quieter jazz ride?

    There's no doubt a nice Master Vintage will do the trick. I love mine (22" at 2190g). You may also want to consider a 20" Constantinople Renaissance on the lighter side (mine's at 1798g). My favorite ride right now. I'm surprised that my 22" MTL at 2546g can be played so lightly and sounds...
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    Who is still using Bosphorus on your Jazz gigs...even though you can afford anything?

    I have a 22” Master Vintage, a 19” Master Vintage, and 14” Hammer series hi-hats. I also own a few K Cons and a couple of Bettis. The 22” MV in particular is amazing. I sold a 22” Master because it was just too light, resulting in a bodiless sound. Although I love Bosphorus, I do feel as though...
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    Your experiences with jazz-like drumheads

    Wow! What an arsenal to choose from! I have a modern USA Custom (w/ a 20” kick) and play mostly bebop and hard bop right now. What are your thoughts on the Aquarian Modern Vintage heads? I’ve been wanting to try these but a full set of heads really isn’t cheap these days, so I’d love to have a...
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    What would be your chosen set of "same cymbal brand & line"?

    I don't know...I guess I would say Zildjian Constantinoples. I've never had the opportunity to play old K's, and it doesn't look like I'll ever be in the tax bracket to justify spending that kind of money on an old cymbal. So, I stick with my "modest" modern Zildjians.
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    Zildjian K Constantinople Players Here?

    Of course! Let us know how it turns out!
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    Zildjian K Constantinople Players Here?

    The rivet’s installed 3/4” from the edge.
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    Progressive Jazz/Fusion. Where to head next.

    Definitely agree that Tony’s “Lifetime” should be included as one of the OP’s next steps. Tony’s singing and lyrics are pretty cheesy, but the opening track alone is worth the price of admission.
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    Zildjian K Constantinople Players Here?

    Hey 10 Lug, Thanks for the welcome. I had Pro Drums in Hollywood install a single rivet at about 1 o’clock (on the side opposite where the cymbal naturally rests). It was a great decision. Although it doesn’t REALLY sound like Elvin’s classic ride (I bet the 20” Bounce would do that...
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    Zildjian K Constantinople Players Here?

    20” Renaissance w/ one rivet 22” MTL 22” Bounce Love all of them.