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    OT What books you reading??

    I discovered Cormac McCarthy maybe 10 years ago after reading All The Pretty Horses and I think I read all the rest of his novels in the span of a few months. I get lost in in his stories - particularly the landscape and minimalist writing style - although the nihilism and darker side of human...
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    OT What books you reading??

    I don't usually read a ton of non-fiction but I just finished "Uqalurait: An Oral History of Nunavut" and I'm now reading "Cuba and Its Music: From the First Drums to the Mambo" by Ned Sublette. I highly recommend reading "Notes and Tones" by Arthur Taylor if you haven't already. It should be...
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    What Are You Listening To?

    RIP to Bryan St. Pere of Hum - one of the most underrated drummers of the 90s. Condolences to his family, friends, and all that loved him. There isn't a drummer that grew up in the 90s that doesn't know that clutch moment when he chokes the crash cymbal in "Stars." Rest in Power
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    Paul Francis left Zildjian?

    I don't disagree with that at all although there is always room for new maybe I just agree with the first sentence. Best example I can think of is the LP Ice Bell which every company now has some version of...Same thing with the big vent holes in snare drums, etc. There are tons...
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    Paul Francis left Zildjian?'re 1 for 3 already and I wouldn't be surprised if the other two major cymbal companies aren't far behind. Zlidjian has now lost at least one endorser over it.
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    GOATS - Greatest Drummers of All Time, As Voted By You

    I watch this clip at least once every couple of weeks...
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Wow. This is really good.
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Ryo is awesome. I haven't heard "Live in New York" but I often listen to "Scenery." It's not a record that breaks new ground or anything, but it is really fun to listen to. I feel like the drummer is hanging on for his life during "Early Summer."
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    What Are You Listening To?

    This song has been stuck in my head all day.
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    I'm really excited (and nervous) for my first gig.

    How did the show go?!?
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    Canopus Bop Drums

    Most of my gigs are in cities. I just can't bring myself to play Wagon Wheel at a sports bar in a small town. If/when I hit that point, I'm going to focus intently on my sizzle ride while I play "Lodi" by CCR on a small bop kit somewhere in the Upper Midwest. Only then will I know that my long...
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    Paul Wertico Talks Flat Rides

    Weird. I was just talking about flat rides this morning with someone. I came across a few clips online where Gregory Hutchinson uses a flat ride as his "main" ride cymbal with the Aaron Diehl Trio. I picked up a big flat ride on eBay (22 inches) early on in the pandemic. Old and kinda beat up...
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    Canopus Bop Drums

    Absolutely. It works really well for me and I think it sounds more "classic." For rock gigs I play 20/12/14. Bass drum is 16x20 because that works for both jazz and rock. I can crank it way up or way down. It depends on the style of rock, but I usually bring a 4-piece kit, 3 ride cymbals, and hats.
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    So the "Soul" Soundtrack Is Made-Up Disney Jazz? And People Like It?

    It's a Disney/Pixar movie for kids. I didn't go into it expecting a bunch of Albert Ayler and Art Ensemble of Chicago songs as the score. Jon Batiste did an amazing job and Pixar painstakingly animated the piano parts so they match exactly with the phrases. I was super impressed by that as...
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    Counterfeits - why do people steal

    in my opinion Wuhan makes the best China cymbals on the market hands down. I have a 22" with three rivets that works for everything from math rock to bebop. To your point, not everything expensive is automatically better.