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    Is all B20 the same?

    I don't know much about the cymbal making process (lathing, hammering, forming, etc.), but I know the ideal cymbals start with B20 bronze. Do all of the manufacturers use the same B20? Are there variants of B20? I'm not talking about B8, B10, etc. those are obviously different mixtures of...
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    Pingy Zildjian K Ride?

    Custom Dry? Aaaaand it's for sale!
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    Sound of Bass Drum with Tom Mounts Vs Virgin

    I had asked this same question a while back. The answer I got then was "it doesn't matter as you wouldn't hear the difference". Ok no, that's false. I recently installed the tom mount for my Yamaha Stage Custom and mounted the toms to them. Now when I play, I can definitely notice the bass...
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    Bird's Eye Views...

    Originally set it up like this: Added the tom mounts and the 10":
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    13" Bosphorus New Orleans Hi Hats 750g/950g

    Got a great deal on a set of 15s, so these are up for sale. In excellent condition with no fleas, cracks, or keyholing: $225 + shipping from the Houston area. I haven't recorded a sound demo, but they sound exactly like this:
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    Advice on new cymbals....starting over

    +1 on the Bosphorussesessseseses. I fell in love with their New Orleans line, but they have plenty of other models. Great cymbals for a reasonable price!
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    Help me find the hi hats I hear in my head

    I got a set of 14" Kerope hats which are amazing me. THESE are the hats I hear in my head and have surpassed my Bosphorus New Orleans hats for the #1 spot. I would highly recommend a set of them. They really can do it all from jazz to rock and all things between.
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    NGD - Yamaha Stage Custom Birch

    Ordered it and it arrived today: First impression: Excellent! This kit is WORLDS better than the Crush I was playing. The feel, sound, and look are all top notch, even with the stock heads (except bass drum). That bass drum has a great boomy, rounded sound to it with the Aquarian head on...
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    Suggestions on a 20-22 Ride that can be Crashed

    Did anyone recommend the Meinl Pure Alloy 20" Medium Ride? I was just playing mine and really dig the way it crashes and gets outta the way.
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    POOP! I can't decide!!

    Thanks all for the help. I wound up going with the Yamaha. Kit should be here Tuesday. Can't wait!
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    My local drum shop lent me an A&F Royal set to test : )

    Fellow lefty! That's a very nice looking kit! Although I will agree that A&F's pricing is pretty ridiculous. I get the whole unique niche in the drum market thing and they definitely found it. But to charge what they do for their products seems way too excessive.
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    Crush mahogany drums

    I have the maple STs. They're ok but I have been having problems getting them to tune how I want them. They're probably not going to stay much longer.
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    POOP! I can't decide!!

    Well, I thought I wanted a Ludwig Neusonic and still may. But I just HAD to keep snooping around, and although I originally said I didn't want a drilled bass drum, these Yamaha Stage Custom Birches are starting to really interest me. Doing some initial research, they receive a lot of very...
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    18” ride suggestions

    I have an 18" Kerope crash ride which I feel works very well for both applications.
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    Left hand (non dominant hand) practice

    Take everything said here and mirror it for me. My right hand is horrible and definitely needs a lot of help. The left hand is fine, doing most of the cymbal work.