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    Shipping Concerns

    Unfortunately, the problem doesn't lie solely on the carriers. It is evident that they're rough in the handling of our precious cargo. With that said, many of the drums are very poorly packaged to begin with. Why, because to pack it correctly, it takes time, an extra cost and proper packing...
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    Ludwig b/o (rounded corner) 13" tom

    pm sent
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    My bands new double album available!

    Nice work Brother!
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    Paste Wax Finish on drums...

    To luster up the finish, you'll need a random orbital polisher. I've done Ludwig wraps from the 70's and lacquer finishes from the 90's and all came out fantastic. Of course you will need the correct pads and compounds, but this is the way to buff out light scratches and polish your shells to...
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    i'm getting a haircut monday!

    My son called me John Lennon the other day. I actually liked the sarcastic comment, but it may be time. I have to tell him they had a drummer named Ringo as well. .....while my hair gently weeps........
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    Hammered Snares

    Isn't this Terry the Tama guy?
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    Ludwig Classic interior finish
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    Tuning 13x9 3-ply Ludwig

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    Tuning 13x9 3-ply Ludwig

    Remo clear ambassador's on top (I couldn't see the reso side)
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    Tuning 13x9 3-ply Ludwig

    No, I use Evans coated G2 on top and Evans G1 clear on the reso side. I like the thinner coating on the Evans. They sound wonderful on Ludwigs. (But so do most heads, they're just great sounding drums)
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    Tuning 13x9 3-ply Ludwig

    You can check them too. Take heads off and place the drum on flat surface (granite/glass) see if their flat. Also are the heads hard to put on the shell? This is a common issue whith older Ludwig wrapped shells. That could reduce some resonance.
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    Tuning 13x9 3-ply Ludwig

    Actually, single ply heads. Remember, when you're behind the kit, the drums will sound louder and more ring with single heads, but the sound in front of the kit is what counts. I got to see Todd Sucherman's kit backstage a few years ago and he used clear ambassador's on top. Wide open sound...
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    Tuning 13x9 3-ply Ludwig

    Microphones Lol
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    Tuning 13x9 3-ply Ludwig

    I had a similar issue. The mount was the culprit. I use a RIMS type mount and it fixed it, but before that, I used a clear Ambassador (or clear G1 Evans) and it opened up a little more. I tighten the bototm head higher for more projection and tone as well.
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    Using a crash as a ride

    I've used a Paiste 20" medium crash as a ride. The 20" Giant Beat multi is a nice ride (and crash too)