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    What was your favorite music store as a kid?

    Went back a couple years ago. Upstairs was totally cleaned out except for drum room!!! Some interesting finds. Picked up a half dozen bass drum beaters and some hoops. It's seen better days for sure
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    What was your favorite music store as a kid?

    Robbies Music in Wayne, NJ. Just filled with instruments and gear on two floors. Going there was like a treasure hunt. Never knew what you'd find. It's still there but times (and prices) they are a changin!
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    Just Because...

    Cool Cool. Thanks for the advice. This is all new to me so we'll see what happens!
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    Just Because...

    Just piggybackin' off an old thread I started- "Too Many Cymbals"- I thought I'd share with all my DFOer's some thoughts. Going into the studio this weekend to record not only a demo but anything our trio might come up with in the hopes of not only landing a few gigs but ultimately having a...
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    Drum solo

    Man, that must've felt good!!! Great job!
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    Going back to Remo

    Funny, I just went through a week of playing Evans g2s on my Yamaha SC toms after being told they would sound closer to what I wanted after years of Remo coated Ambassadors. Just this morning, switched back because it just felt like the Evans lacked the warmth I was used to all that time. I kept...
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    Desert Island hi hats

    UFIP 14" Natural older White logo. Covers all I need and picked them up at a bargain to boot!
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    Gretsch Catalina Club 4-piece shell pack !

    I have an old Catalina from the early 2000s and it took me quite a few hours to get the snare where I needed it. New heads, new snares and just patience and tuning. I have two other kits- a newer Catalina Maple and a Yamaha Stage Custom- and neither are as fun to play on now than my Club. Keep...
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    New member saying hello

    Welcome! Joined myself a couple years back and all these forumites are my "go to" for all things drum related and then some! Enjoy
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    Morello – I Never Use Half the Technique I Have

    Exactly the same!!! Oh well
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    Your weirdest quirk as a drimmer

    When I was kid first learning, my younger sister said I should end my "drums solos" with something so everyone would know it was over. 40+ years later, I still can't end any solo practice or band rehearsal without a little roll on the snare!
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    Morello – I Never Use Half the Technique I Have

    Just piggybacking off Scott! 11 years old and taking lessons at Glenn Weber's in NJ and I distinctly remember an older man yelling from the other room to keep my paradiddles smooth! Didn't know until years later it was Morello and, I have to admit, didn't know until recently, that he was in...
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    Remarkable what a drum stick (tip, especially) does for a cymbal!

    Dan, please tell me that "gives forth a sound...discovered" is an homage to 2112!?! If not, it still made me sing it in my head this morning and thanks for that! Might just have to play the whole album now!
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    OT - The last movie that made you cry

    Watched Coco with my 2 boys and I was a mess!
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    Friday Five-Fer - Foreigner

    One of the very first tunes I played along to on cardboard boxes and bedroom radiator! Man, I miss that kit!!!