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    1960s Rogers 22" or 24" WMP Bass Drum

    Looking for a Rogers 22 or 24 bass in original WMP. Would prefer Cleveland, however might consider other eras.
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    29 cymbals for sale

    Message sent about the 14” Ks
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    1950s Gretsch Bass Drum, Red Sparkle , Restored with New Parts

    Please post photos and a price.
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    I still can't stop laughing at this...

    Damn, I tried. Lol
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    Keystone era Ludwig Oyster Black Pearl drums trends?

    Yeah.. that was fun. Not sure why I post at all on FB anymore.
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    1960s Ludwig 14x20 Bass Drum : Oyster Blue

    Looking for a rail mount 60s 14x20 in Oyster Blue Pearl. No mods - must be in good condition with rail mount.
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    Rarity of Rogers 20x12 Bass Drum?

    Very rare. Wish I had one!
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    1920s / 30s Gretsch WMP Snare Drum. Banjo Style Hardware. Info Wanted

    Hey gentlemen! I recently picked up this Gretsch snare and am hoping that someone might be able to shed a little light on what it might be. My assumptions from the remnants of the sticker, is that this is a late 20s, early 30s Gretsch snare the borrowed Duplex hardware (like many of the drums...
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    7th Annual Vintage Drum Garage Sale - Overland Park, Kansas

    Would love a list of snares you have for sale!
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    SOLD Rarest of unicorns: '69 Pearl Bul-Gee snare

    Thats pretty wild. First here as well. Straight Duplex copy as mentioned above.
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    Old Ludwig snare, 1930's

    Where did this drum end up? Looks to be an anniversary direct tapped lug model. 1935/36.
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    I think i know that drum. ;-)
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    Gretsch Anniversary Drums : Bass & Tom

    Looking for Gretsch Anniversary Sparkle 20" bass and 12" tom.
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    Tony Lewis

    I looked forward to seeing Tony each year. His spirit and energy was always compelling. Not to mention, his wife was equally as kind and welcoming. He will be greatly missed.