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    RIP Jimmy Cobb

    You’re in for a real cymbal beat treat.
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    Zildjian K Constantinople Players Here?

    I have just one, the 19” Crash/Ride. I love it then hate it but there’s something about it that makes me keep playing it.
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    In between sticks and brushes

    Mmmm. Lighter sticks and heavier brushes maybe? Rods and all those other inventions make drums and cymbals sound like crap. BTW I’d love to be wrong about this.
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    Not OT: Anita O'Day

    Back in the 60’s this was the version of Honeysuckle Rose. No contest.
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    YAMAHA HW3 Lightweight Hardware

    I’ve used the Yamaha HH stand for about 6 months and have no complaints. The fact that there’s no spring adjustment doesn’t fuss me at all. I gave up on the DW Ultralight which just drove me nuts and wasn’t all that light anyway. The Yammie is much better.
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    What is going on at Calato / Regal Tip?

    I’m a fan of the E series Regal Tip Jazz model. They are ‘softer’ than regular nylons but still have a nice predictable, defined ping. I’m surprised that none of the other makers have developed a similar tip. It’s not rocket science.
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    Ride cymbal size

    I’ve always played a 22” ride on the right so it has become a habit. Funny I always seem to be able to find more 22’s that I like. I’m never really happy with the 20’s or 19’s that I’ve tried. So I’m always looking. Maybe I’m just tuned into the sound of a 22”?
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    Very sad news. Saw him with Cecile. He was an immaculate and swinging drummer.
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    Blood, Sweat & Tears - Spinning Wheel (isolated drums and bass)

    Loved that. I saw them live when they toured Australia shortly after the album was released. Fantastic. Shortly that after we saw Chicago. Great days. (Then there was Roberta Flack).
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    19" Armand Zildjian "Beautiful Baby" ride

    Wondering if anyone has any later experience with these. From where I sit I love mine but I get reports from people out front that it’s too loud. All my other LSR’s are too washy on the gig. Any thoughts? It’s a regular guitar led jazz quintet doing Benson/Montgomery material. It’s not a quiet...
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    Tell us what you really think Quincy

    I freaking love it. At last someone who actually knows his stuff tells the world what a lot of people have known for years. Well done Quincy.
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    Jeff Beck -Rockabilly Live at Ronnie Scott's who's the drummer?

    Ronnie would be spinning in his grave.
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    Ever just get sick of your cymbals?

    I've had a 22" Bos 'Hammer' as my main ride for several years and never get sick of it. However the left side is a different story. Current favourite is a K Con 19" crash/ride but I often switch to a Paiste 'Sweet' ride or a 602. It's a worry because they are all SO different that it means I...
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    For those that need help posting pictures

    Just testing
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    Help with Session Rates

    OMG. Back in the day (60's & 70's) when gigs were everywhere, jingle and pop sessions were paying the same kinds of money you guys are talking about NOW. Try getting a plumber or electrician to work for what they were being paid back then and they'd laugh. When you take into account the skill...