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    he's back! funny listing for hi-hats on seattle CL.

    the guy with the yamaha bass pedal from a week ago is back on CL with some zildjian hats to sell. wish him luck!
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    Buddy on VOX/Trixon

    that would be carmine...................
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    Cool message from Alan White on FB

    alan white is somewhat local to me these days. sometimes he hangs out at donn bennett's drum shop. one time several years ago YES had some new music coming out with some long songs and we got into a discussion about how much music you could fit on the side of an album before the sound was...
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    SOLD Vintage 12" Ludwig Red Sparkle Tenor Conga Shriners Band Drum $150 Shipped OBO SOLD

    if i were still collecting all things cool, red, and ludwig i would be all over this. most interesting thing is the re-rings. sure not one piece solid maple. somebody grab this and start a parade!
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    i even think i saw a couple of cats from interpol................
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    funny seattle CL yamaha bass pedal ad
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    So close . . .

    but they have thick maple shells................ as far as ''helping'' sellers that clearly are unaware on the internet, i learned quickly and a long time ago that 99% of the time it does NOT go well. that's too bad as often i see ads that i could help with and get the seller more money or be...
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    How NOT to make a cymbal demo

    forget the cymbal - i want to hire the band!
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    JOHN DENVER Friday Five Fer

    that band for ''country boy'' is a traveling wilburys prototype.
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    The Catman Peter Criss

    kiss looks really different without the make-up.
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    Would you return this head?

    not to hi-jack your thread, but if you look REAL close you can see hal blaine on drums!!
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    Beefaroni tom

    hooray for beefaroni.
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    Many Drummers on The Jerry Lewis Show 1960

    the floor toms on jerry's set are shaking back and forth. this is why we don't use straight legs anymore.
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    Can standard head be made pre-international size?

    remo will make anything you want.
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    Poll: Which standard sparkle finish on vintage drums is your favorite?

    red forever! i think the voting was hacked by the champagne lobby.