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    Buddy rich Eleanor Powell drum tap number

    is this one long take, or very well edited? either way, it is impressive.
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    Ludwig 13x3 Black Beauty.

    not mine.
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    Studio 666

    they could not tour, so they made a movie.
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    N(vintage)DD - Slingerland!

    nice touch with the yellow felt bass muffler.
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    Alex Lifeson new single.

    alex finally got to work with meg white.
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    JJ Johnson video

    i thought it was this guy............
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    Bought ne w throne..

    don't forget the backrest.
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    Best Sabian ride

    22'' carmine appice classic rock ride
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    For the Noble & Cooley fans

    i like the black one, but that ''aged'' blue is nowhere. drums get knocked around enough on their own. fake aging on instruments is lame. you have to earn your battle scars.
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    Porto-pak shell production

    been available on seattle craigslist for a few months now.
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    Porto-pak shell production

    love mine. p-83 of course.
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    Sidney L. Poitier - Gone Today

    this sums it up.
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    A Buddy on Johnny Carson I did not know existed....

    i've always been a buddy fan, but am i the only one that thinks his snare sounded like $hit. really hard to listen to.
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    NGD: Ludwig / Revival "Auditorium" 15"x6.5" snare

    yes you would. 15x6.5, 15x8, 15x10, 15x12. these are not toys or novelty items. wish they made a 15x5.