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    Somebody gave me an accordion

    don't leave it in the car unlocked, or when you come back there will be two.
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    Most affordable snare stand with extra wide basket

    good old ludwigs. i cut down the bottoms.
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    Most affordable snare stand with extra wide basket

    i mount my 15 and 17 floor toms with no problem.
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    WEIRD is out! And free to watch.

    i think that's the point......................................
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    Most affordable snare stand with extra wide basket

    man speaks truth - they do go to 16. that's more than 10 isn't it?
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    Giving up drumming.

    by all means, take a break and get your body and mind as one. some of your issues seem to be gear related as opposed to actually playing. perhaps you have a trusted drumming friend that could help you get a solid drum and cymbal set-up together. then take ''the pledge'' and don't think about...
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    SOLD — Zildjian A Custom 20" Flat Ride — SOLD

    if you want a glassy flat ride - here it is. i have owned one for years.
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    O.T. Watermelon everywhere are now a little safer.

    michael nesmith got him going
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    Ludwig Thermagloss with keystone badges?

    13 14 16 18 24
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    Wolfgang VanHalen and Mammoth

    he's the new dave grohl
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    Interesting Ludwig Development - 5" Acrolite no longer 8 lugs...

    everyone is missing the real question - why would anybody buy a new acro, or worry about not being able to find an 8 lugger?
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    Ludwig Thermagloss with keystone badges?

    just sold mine. now snares on the other hand.............................
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    20” Zildjian A Custom Flat Top Ride

    i love mine. the ultimate glassy shimmer cymbal. they should have made a 22 or even a 24. somebody be smart and grab this.
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    6.5" Acrolite

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    Thoughts on deeper than 5.5” deep, 6 lug snares?

    drum on the left is a pre-serial 14x6.5 pioneer (#490). COB hoops. one of my favorites. big brother is 15x8.