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    What George Martin Really Thought of Ringo's Drumming

    i spoke with hal blaine once about coming up with drum parts. his attitude was - i don't care who came up with a part - i was the one who played it.
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    25 Great Double Drumming Tracks

    or maybe the Star Chamber.
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    25 Great Double Drumming Tracks

    referring to yourself in the third person now?
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    Keystone Badge Acro restoration

    you simply got a bad throw off. you can't fix it. return it for a new one.
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    Do you Have Music Related/Inspired Tattoos?

    forever is a long, long time.........................
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    How many know about Redd Volkaert?

    i travel to dallas every year to help a friend at the spring guitar show. i discovered redd one year, an after that i have made a point to see him every year. always has great players and really brings it. very humble, nice man who is also very funny.
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    My new Legacy Mahogany kit! And a question

    you got the color right - and more important - you got the bass legs right. enjoy your new drums.
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    TV Theme Songs

    they had about one minute to tell a story and plant a melody that would have you singing along. that is no mean feat.
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    Rare Phil Rudd Moments AC\DC

    the funk is where you find it.
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    Rare Phil Rudd Moments AC\DC

    phil gets funky - who knew?
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    Cut Badge Acrolite

    some day please - a group shot of all your acros.
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    O.T. Top 10 NUTS

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    Strange wrap on this vintage Ludwig on CL

    those drums are the bee's knees.
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    My new favorite Ludwig snare; what is it?

    take off that wrap and you will find a nice piece of maple to finish any way you like.