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    Tool's Danny Carey arrested for assault!

    and Kobe I think. They break a TON of entertainment and sports news and they are always spot on when they do.
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    Best sounding popcorn - affect snare

    Yes. Thank you.
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    Best sounding popcorn - affect snare

    It didn't seem "snarey" enough if that makes sense. I'm looking for a tone similar to this - around the 1:40 mark or the 6:30 mark
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    Best sounding popcorn - affect snare

    I tired the LP 8" affect snare and it didn't work for me. Who has used one of those little special effect snares that still sound enough like a snare and which one did you settle on? Thanks, Jeff
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    Whitten: The Story Behind "What I Am"

    Great stuff Chris!
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    Jeff Porcaro in the Studio

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    Dire Straits - Live - Paul Franklin on steel and Whitten on drums!

    Here is Paul absolutely killing it. Plus the wonderful Eddie Bayers on drums.
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    Dire Straits - Live - Paul Franklin on steel and Whitten on drums!

    Paul Franklin is one of the two or three best steel guitar players to ever play. And this version of the band is KILLING it. Imagine going to a show in 1922 and seeing this level of musicianship. This entire album is outstanding (On The Night) Whitten is slamming on his Nobel & Cooleys
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    Playing with unvaccinated musicians

    This is your decision. Ultimately you must do a risk/reward assessment. I would also encourage you to read up on Covid beyond the MSM so you can truly educate yourself to your risks, especially now that you have the booster. Jeff
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    Tom Petty “Wildflowers” Documentary

    Really enjoyed this documentary and like many Wildflowers is my favorite TP album - truly beautiful. TP hadn't used Stan on a solo album ever. The major riff between Tom and Stan was mostly discussed in the Running Down a Dream documentary. Full Moon Fever is Phil Jones Wildflowers is of...
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    Elvis Costello and the Imposters...

    I LOVE EC. Pete Thomas is one of the most perfect singer/songwriter/rock and roll drummers around. He's humble as hell. I took a lesson from him in LA once. It was fantastic. Talked about his approach to supporting the song for most of it.
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    Cymbal stand with 1" diameter bass pipe

    I'm trying to re-purpose a bass drum mounted double tom arm. It has a 1" diameter pipe. My old Yamaha cymbal stands (maybe 700 series single braced?) have a narrower diameter pipe. Anyone know of a single or (ugh) double braced cymbal stand that is 1" on the base? Trying to find a cheap...
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    Jack White's new song

    Well....damn. I knew he was a talented drummer. I think that track smokes.
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    Jack White's new song

    Holy cow does this rip. Love the drum sound. Jack always seems to get great drum tones. Note sure who is playing - it doesn't sound like Daru Jones, maybe it's Carla again. Regardless this would have a been a FUN session to record.