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    Top Drummers Who Perform Wearing a Hat

    Chad Gamble always wears a hat.
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    60s Ludwig vs Modern George Way

    Have Chris do the edges. Trust me. You'll me more than happy.
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    Seals & Croft Live - monster band with a 19 year old Porcaro

    This bounced through my youtube feed. Man what a great band. Concert tom heaven.
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    MINT - Sugar Percussion Painted Poplar 5x14 stave snare, Porche Blue (lower)

    These drums sound amazing. I have a green one.
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    Concert Toms are Back

    Those are the new Jenkins Martin Blaemires!
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    How about that amazing Charley Drayton ?

    How about them both in the same band? They used to switch between bass and drums live
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    Robert Plant and Alison Krauss Hasten the Death of "Rock and Roll"

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Frank Sinatra would like to have a word with you. He's got chunks of guys like you in his stool.
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    Robert Plant and Alison Krauss Hasten the Death of "Rock and Roll"

    Agree. Bellerose is one of my FAVORITES. VB is not accurate in his assessment. LOL
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    I'll give it another few espisodes to see if I can dig Leia. I'm not a fan of kid actors unless it's like Goonies or Stand By Me. But you are right - Leia would be annoying as a 5 year old. LOL And yes - 3rd sister is HORRIBLE.
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    I like it. But only because Ewan is in it. He is carrying it the whole way. Plot is kinda lame, other actors are overacting horribly (especially the inquisitors). The girls is super annoying.
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    Steve Jordan talks Stones set up

    I've been using the crosstown stuff since it came out. I love them as well.
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    Excellent Version of Bring on the Night

    Yeah - once I inbedded it I realized the owner won't let it share out. Just click the link. It's worth it.