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    Premier Project

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    ASBA Caroline is back.....

    Cappelle I think
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    Show me your 6 lug snares!

    Does this count? Completely different premise of course. Six tensioners per side, but no lugs anywhere. Nice drum.
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    Show me your 6 lug snares!

    I bought a nice Olympic 82 6 lug snare at a yard sale. $25 with a Rogers Cleveland 22" thrown in. The had seen some Blackanddeckering round the throw mech so I plugged and replaced with new mech. But other than that, it seemed to have led a relatively tame life out of the sunlight. I figure a...
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    Vox drums sighting locally

    I have a set of the more typically shaped Luxus Trixon. 60's Trixon hardware was interesting; plastic lug spacers, early version of what became the tube-into-the-tom mount set up. You can't sing high and hard about all the Trixon innovations. But, my old Luxus kit is a delight to play.
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    ever use two different sticks?

    All the time. Way back I used a 5B for my right and a 2S in my left when I needed more oomph on the snare. Forever (country, jazz) I have used brushes etc in my right while working a stick with my left.
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    Top 20 Canadian Rock Bands and Musicians

    Good to see David Wilcox on the full list. I saw several gobsmacking gigs with Whitey Glann on drums. Curious that Motherlode doesn't make the list. Their song "When I Die" was a one hit wonder. But a really good one hit wonder. Goofy video, but there's the song:
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    Show Off Your Entire Snare Collection

    I'm pretty happy with these. Front row (l to r). Tama Artstar White Piano Lacquer, Tama Mastercraft Rosewood 1980, Home built snare with Premier hoops (one of my go to's) Ludwig Supra 1966 refitted with P86 strainer and die cast batter hoop. (a constant, never fails) Carlton pipe band...
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    Bands with all of their original members

    Golden Earing were such a band up to the recent death of an original member.
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    RIP Norm McDonald

    Norm was a great comedian. I loved how he turned seasoned talk show hosts into giggling heaps. Very sad news.
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    Carlton drums - Any one here familiar?

    Bobby Graham played Carlton drums. I've often wondered whether we heard his Carltons on early Kinks and DC5 records. I used to envy the pipe band with Carlton snares when my pipe band landed a deal for Ludwigs. I have one old black oyster Carlton that has the same dark interior finish...
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    Rotator Cuff surgery and drums

    A lot of stuff sucked for quite a while. Driving, reaching above my head either for a crash cymbal or to get the mayo from a high shelf.
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    Rotator Cuff surgery and drums

    I was gigging light gigs with my arm in a sling at 4 weeks. I could not move my gear by myself. And I only started up again after my pt said just what I could do at that point. Things got back to normal gradually after that. Good luck
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    James Brown and todays gospel drummers...

    I would expect JB to get exactly what he wanted from his drummer or he's off the bus. Such skills seem to be in the wheelhouse for most of the drummers I have seen playing gospel. If they want the gig. I had to learn similar lesson when I got good country gigs. Play less, don't crowd the singer...
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    OT - If you were to write a book...

    I tried to write on the road through the 70's. It was hard to write on the road and stay sane with all the stuff that went on day to day with a road band. Submitting stuff, I'd be using return addresses three gigs down the road. I never got anything over the transom during that time, but I got a...