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    I have $250. What wood snare would you recommend?

    I've got a mid-50s WFL Contest model (3ply 8 lug 6.5x14 NOB rims) and it sounds sweet. Nice, woody, low-end but has a nice crack to it. Very well made drum.
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    Brady Drumkits fiberglass circa 1981

    The pewter badges are adhesive. Kelly or Mr. Brady sent me one years ago to replace the sticker/gummy badge they used for a while. I think it was a peel and stick and it sticks well after it is on!
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    What's your favorite snare drum?

    That's funny - I got a 13x7 DW snare from Dale's. I had two 13's and sold one this past summer. It's a neat size and I enjoy the little bit of extra leg room they give you!
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    A n g r y

    I remember my high school had a set of Pearl Exports. I was in the school band and during the winter (basketball season) the pep band used to play at basketball home games at night. The sound of those Exports plus an Acro snare in the big gymnasium sounded huge. I miss those days!
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    What's your favorite snare drum?

    I've got 3 right now I keep putting on my stand... WFL mid-50s 6.5x14 Contest NOB (8 lugs) Ludwig 1959 WMP 5.5x14 Pioneer NOB Ludwig 1965 Acro COB
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    Cleaning before Selling??

    I always spray down hardware/chrome, etc. with MusicNomad polish spray before taking photos of the item to sell. I then wipe the item down again right before shipping it out. When I buy used drums I always take them apart to inspect and to deep clean everything.
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    Need help to identify Ludwig 1966 snare

    Nice Acro! I've got a '65 with chrome over brass rims on top and bottom. It's a great sounding and versatile drum to be a 'student' model.
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    Brady Drumkits fiberglass circa 1981

    I've got a two Brady snares and they are definitely keepers. I'd keep the kit original as Chris built it. As far as eventually getting a Brady snare - I'd check on Reverb from time to time. They usually have a good selection available - though prices are getting pretty high. I recently sold a...
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    Ludwig Pioneer increasing in value ?

    Thank you! I just got it several weeks ago. It was pretty grungy and dusty when it arrived. I spent a good amount of time taking it apart and cleaning, polishing, waxing, etc. Underneath all of that was a beautiful drum from 1959 - it has some amazing crack and a nice woody tone.
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    Ludwig Pioneer increasing in value ?

    I've been loving my '59 Pioneer lately. NOB rims, original 12-strand wires...definitely a unique voice and great tuning range. I played it yesterday at an outdoor venue and got some compliments on it. It's a 5.5x14 shell.
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    Ludwig pioneer wood

    My Feb. 1968 22x14 and Feb. 1968 16x16 are both mahogany (with the wrap glued to it)/poplar/maple (inner-most ply) and are both painted white. My Jan. 1969 13x9 is the same layup but with a clear maple inner-ply. Looking at the bearing edge of each drum, the plies all match in color. My 1959...
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    Asking for friend How many sets is too much ?

    I've got three kits...7 snares and counting... DW Collectors 7x8, 8x10, 9x12, 11x14, 13x16, 18x22 1968 Ludwig 9x13, 16x16, 14x22 in Blue Sparkle 1963 Ludwig 9x13, 16x16 12x22 New Yorker in Oyster Blue Pearl My dw kit was first for me. Purchased in 2001 after selling my Pearl kit. The two...
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    ‘69 high number Keystone badge

    My '69 Keystone tom has serial number 673138. Date stamp of Jan 20 1969 - clear maple interior. Wonder if this tom has a date stamp in it...
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    A wood snare like nothing you've ever heard before...but in a good way

    Any Brady 12x7 block or 14x6.5 Jarrah block. The Jarrah sounds huge. A 14x6.5 WFL 3ply sounds very nice...lots of tone with crack when needed. Pioneers have it too.
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    Am I The Only One Who Doesn't Like My Craviotto Snare?

    I ordered a dw/Craviotto 5.5x14 back in the early 2000's. It was a great drum and very well built. However, looking back, the price I paid didn't match the sound I was hoping to get. While it wasn't wasn't something that made my head turn. It just sounded like a snare. It frustrated me...