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    SJC Snare

    I was browsing snare drums yesterday at Sam Ash and saw a 6.5 X 14 SJC hammered metal snare. It was hammered through the middle and then black unhammered above and below the center. It sounded wonderful. Does anyone own an SJC snare or played one? Opinions and/or reviews would be appreciated.
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    China Help

    It's time to add a China but my set-up consist of 16", 17", 18" Paiste 2002 Crashes, 22" Paiste Ride, 14" Paiste hi-hats, and an 11" Zildjian K custom hybrid splash. Should I stick with Paiste? If so which? (I play mostly country, rock and pop). I also just heard the 17" Zildjian K Custom hybrid...
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    Great Deal on Paiste Ride

    I apologze if this has already been covered but the GC website has a Paiste Twenty Series 20" light ride for $168.00. I know this has been discussed on other forums but I haven't found it on this one. After calling a number of stores they seem to be out of stock. The web site states that they...