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    Nothin' like a great shuffle...

    Leaving aside the question of whether you're the designated "shuffle judge," yes, I did listen to it, and am pretty sure my opinion is at least as definitive as yours.
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    What are your favorite splash cymbal brands, sizes and types?

    I have 3 that I like: an 8" Paiste Dimensions, an 8" A Zildjian, and a 10" A I've had for over 40 years. The 8" A was bought used, IIRC, and the others were bought new. I don't mind buying used, but only if I can hear the cymbal before buying.
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    Nothin' like a great shuffle...

    IMHO, if it needs to be qualified it's not a great shuffle.
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    Max Weinberg Explains How You’re Doing It Wrong

    I got my first set almost 60 years ago, and the throne had a backrest. Since then, with about a two year exception, I've always had a backrest, and they have gotten better over the years. For me a backrest reduces fatigue, promotes good posture, and I'd hate to play more than 30 minutes without one.
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    Latest Gig

    Geezers rule!
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    Thoughts on DW Ultralight snare stand?

    I have a couple of older Yamaha snare stands for home and gigging with ball and socket adjustments. After more than 20 years of using them I could never go back to a stand that only adjusts the drum angle in one dimension. I'm too spoiled by the ability to quickly and easily change the tilt of...
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    The merits of multiple snare drums

    I've had my go to snare for over 20 years, and it's been number one since I got it. That said, I have a few other drums that I like for one reason or another, and often use one of them when the urge hits. (a deeper snare than my go to gets to do all the rock gigs) Been playing these drums since...
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    Favorite jazz trio albums

    Pat Metheny Trio Live (Bill Stewart) Metheny - Question and Answer (Roy Haynes) Larry Goldings Trio (Bill Stewart) Joey DeFrancesco (Byron Landham) Michel Camilo (various) John Scofield En Route (Bill Stewart)
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    Learning and re-learning

    I think a lot about my age (74), and what it means for drumming. I'm not unaffected by getting older, but I'm still getting calls to play and more importantly, calls back. It occurred to me recently that after gigs I often find myself thinking about what I just did, and thinking about what I...
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    Looking for cowbell mounting ideas

    I like my cowbell near my snare drum, and on my racks I use the upper section of a cymbal boom with an L-rod instead of the normal rod. The other end clamps to the rack. On a 2 up/2 down setup the mount comes between the rack toms, and usually the bell is angled to fit it in. With fewer toms...
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    Learning and re-learning

    As has been noted above, any tool you add to your box is beneficial, whether you realize it now or not. During my 13 months of self-quarantine, I practiced about twice as much with brushes with sticks, mainly because it was late at night and I didn't want to disturb the neighbors. Now, a year...
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    “Bonding” with drumkits…

    In 2000 I bought some single Gretsch drums with an eye toward building a set. Wound up with seven toms and two kicks of different sizes. A local drum guy rewrapped them for me, and I took possession on July 3, 2001, I bought them and had them finished to use as my gigging set, and more than 20...
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    Tempus shell bank almost complete

    Congratulations! That's a nice setup. My own shell pack is only 7 toms and 2 bass drums, but lets me set up multiple configurations depending on the musical situation. I love it, and hope it works for you as well.
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    Big band?

    Not a big band. Nice horn section, though.
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    What NOT to do with duct tape