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    Who's got a vintage Stereo Hi-Fi set up at home?

    Personally, I'd contact this guy. He restores Japanese direct drive turntables from the 80s. If you want auto return, these are the pinnacle.
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    Advice on selling whole, electronic converted set?

    I've tried pretty much everything, including r-toms (have a set of those to sell) and it's the reason it's been converted. I even tried multiple layered noise cancellation (Airpod Pros and Sony NC headphones on top). So, it has to be the motion somehow. In fact, I used to do regular firearm...
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    Advice on selling whole, electronic converted set?

    Thanks guys. The whole thing is bumming me out a fair bit but I just don't see it getting better. The kit is a Tama Starclassic B/B in new condition and nothing was modified for the conversion (except cutting a circle out of the bottom heads) so undoing it is easy. I'm consoling myself by...
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    Advice on selling whole, electronic converted set?

    Hello, I haven't posted here in quite awhile and the reason is I haven't been able to play in at least 6 months. If you search my posting history, one big thread was on drumming giving me a, literal, headache. I've tried a bunch of solutions, including a lot of time off and it hasn't gotten...
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    Was Neil Peart a cigarette smoker?

    Not to mention the other chemicals added to cigarettes.
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    Disinfecting my Slingerland’s

    I personally would not use bleach. Alcohol, generally, would be more friendly to plastic and metal but test in a small area if you really want to do that. Or, as already stated, just leave it alone for an extra few days. Presumably, the drums have been sitting in boxes for a few days already...
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    Sakae Closeouts - NOS

    The same kit is $4799 on DCP's site. I suspect the Reverb listing is an error.
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    Sakae Closeouts - NOS

    I wish these were available last year when I bought my Tama Star Classic set. I would have got the Almighty Birch kit.
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    Should I teach my private lessons tomorrow?

    The store owner is a moron and should be ashamed of herself. You made the right decision. EDIT: Ok, that might have been a bit harsh and I do sympathize with small business owners. You still made the right decision.
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    Should I teach my private lessons tomorrow?

    You should stay home and this isn't just about you or the student getting sick. My daughter had a remote cello lesson last night, using Zoom. It wasn't great but it's better than nothing.
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    Musicians who are off the chart intelligent

    Jeff Skunk Baxter consults for the Pentagon when he's not playing with Steely Dan, the Doobie Brothers, etc. And yes, Brian May has a PhD in astrophysics. The rest of Queen were far from stupid also.
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    Favorite rock and roll player

    Someone should narrow the parameters in that case.
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    Favorite rock and roll player

    I'm assuming you mean drummers. So, in no particular order... - Peart, natch - Steward Copeland - Simon Phillips - Bonzo - Tony Thompson - Carter Beauford
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    Coronavirus and other Off Topic stuff

    ABC should be ashamed of themselves.
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    Any thoughts on my A to E conversion plan (so far)?

    Coincidently, I just installed most of the triggers in my drums and hooked up the module for the first time. So far, I really like it. I ordered the triggers from Extreme Drums and there was a bit of an order mix up and I only got 4 out of the 6 I need, but that'll get fixed. I need to do a bit...