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    O.T. Who has taken to a motorized bicycle to save money commuting?

    My commute story: A few years back before I retired, I lived in Northern Virginia and worked in DC. The commute by bus and train took over 3 hours round trip. I decided I would move into the District of Chaos if I could find an apartment within walking distance of my workplace on Capitol Hill...
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    What is the most iconic musical instrument easily recognized?

    Depends a lot on your age and experience. Although they're no longer in fashion in today's digital world, the Hammond B3 with its four-poster profile is one of the most easily recognized instruments. The sound is also very recognizable. There was a time when you could hardly find a jazz, rock...
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    Fantasy Fill-In, One Song, Which Band?

    Harold was also Basie's favorite drummer. I went to hear the band in 1971 at a hotel in Ft. Lauderdale. I got there an hour early, and the doorman wouldn't let me go into the empty ballroom. Then Duffy and Chubby Jackson arrived. I had met Duffy a few years earlier and he recognized me, so he...
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    Jazz Drummers

    Harold Jones
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    Fantasy Fill-In, One Song, Which Band?

    Almost anything by Count Basie during the late '60s to early '70s when Harold Jones was his drummer. Harold played with more taste and drive than any jazz drummer I've ever seen.
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    Songs with ‘busy’ drums and their drummers.

    I think Steve Ferrone gets just the right kind of busy on this one, especially in the final one-third to one-fourth of the record . . .
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    TV Theme Songs

    Was that Earl Palmer? I'm not sure. He played on so many TV themes: M Squad, 77 Sunset Strip, Bourbon Street Beat, Hawaiian Eye, Peyton Place, I Dream of Jeannie, Green Acres, Ironside, The Outsiders, It Takes A Thief, Leslie Uggams Show, Brady Bunch, Della, Partridge Family, Burke's Law, The...
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    Do you use alternate sticking when you can’t quite do what was originally done.

    Here are four techniques. You can also play a single paradiddle between hats and snare, with the strong snare beats on 2 and 4 (obviously) and the others just ghost notes. Another:
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    Can someone help me understand polyrhythms?

    Try doing this and chewing gum at the same time! (Reminds me of Marvin Dahlgren's "4-way Coordination." He did a clinic with us when I was in music school. Blew my mind.)
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    Dealing with ego

    I think we spotted your problem.
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    Drummers who play with their toms flat?

    ... exceptions that prove the rule. You can mount your toms sideways for all I care. But you can't get away with nonsense like this. Blaine's set-up doesn't prove your arbitrary "rule" that highly angled toms are the mark of a "hack amateur." That's a logical fallacy called begging the...
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    Drummers who play with their toms flat?

    The OP expressly asked about rack toms. That set has no rack toms.
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    Drummers who play with their toms flat?

    Yeah, like Hal Blaine. What a hack amateur he was!
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    Drummers who play with their toms flat?

    I think the OP was referring to rack toms mounted on top of the bass, so the heads are considerably higher than the snare head.
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    Drummers who play with their toms flat?

    Same reason some people hold a pencil like this: They just don't know any better.