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    The Case of The Disappearing Cymbal Hum

    All new cymbals hum until they learn the lyrics. (sorry, sometimes I can't help myself)
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    Vari-Pitch Drums

    I remember selling them at the drum shop where I worked in the late 70's. I got some of the internal mechanisms from Mitch Greenburg of Bison Drums in trade and installed them in an old five piece wood shelled Pearl kit. I decided to be OCD about it and also did a 16" diameter snare with a 14"...
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    Drum set up for melodic play.

    I'm an old fart so I immediately thought of a Joe Morello version of Shortnin' Bread. I am not sure which Dave Brubeck album it is on, but it is worth checking out. There are probably more like this among old time jazz drummers but this is the one that popped into my mind. Happy hunting!
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    Anyone buy Hi Hats from Matt Nolan or Craig Lauritsen?

    I will take some photos of the Matt Nolan cymbals (forgot that I also have a flat ride) and get out my little Zoom digital recorder and see if I can make some decent sound clips for you. I am new to the recording so it may take a few days, but it is on my (OCD) list of things to do. I tried to...
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    Anyone buy Hi Hats from Matt Nolan or Craig Lauritsen?

    I have some 14" Matt Nolan jazz weight high hats and also one of his ride cymbals. I get them at the Percussive Arts Society conventions (PASIC) in November (except for plague years...). If you get a chance to go to one of the conventions, then you can hear them in person. I recommend going...
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    bells and trinkets on the snare -- how do they respond to mallets?

    I have had a lot of success with an instrument by percussionist Jamey Haddad. At one point Steve Maxwell was selling them. It is called a Hadphoon. It is a metal disk almost the size of the drum head sitting on three small legs and is cut to make several different pitched surfaces very...
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    Who needs bandmates when your kit sings to you?

    Maybe your high hat is the latest haunting by the famous English "Demon Drummer of Tedworth". No, I am not making this up.
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    Who needs bandmates when your kit sings to you?

    Perfect for the next time you get hired to play the "Producers"...
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    Tuning for bop drums

    I still play a bop kit that I made in 1979 when I worked at a drum shop. It has been my only kit. When I first started gigging in high school I played in a society band and put together a drum set a piece at a time. The mounted tom I used was an older Ludwig marching 10" by 14" with single...
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    Who needs bandmates when your kit sings to you?

    "Hitler hasn't occupied my hats lately", So did you buy your high hats from Argentina?
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    Floor tom with snares?

    That sounds good to me. Kind of like the badges on the suspenders for the wait staff in older theme restaurants. I'm thinking of Jennifer Abston in "Office Space". I hope that is the name of the movie. I love real time pitch adjustable drums (for lack of a better name) and am old enough to...
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    What percentage of the time do we need more than a 4-piece kit to play music?

    For me, its more of a question of wanting/needing more cymbals than drums. I have almost never had more than four drums for a gig in over fifty years of playing. Cymbals is a different story, I love having extra ride options (flat ride, swish cymbal with rivets) and several crashes and...
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    Need some ideas for frame drum cases

    If you can visit brick and mortar drum shops, then I can recommend buying used older style vulcanized fiber drum cases. I did that for several large diameter frame drums. You can actually cut them to size with some large fabric shears (almost like tin snips). I used rubber yoga mats (or...
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    Floor tom with snares?

    I added snares to two 16" Yamaha timpani floor toms since I can't do anything normal during the current plague. We just added snare beds and 16" wire snares on one (right side, next to normal 14" floor tom) and used three strands of large gut on the lower tuned one on the left side. The second...
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    Jazz songs that alternate swing and latin

    Oh yeah, I get my colors (and everything else) mixed up early in the morning. I hope no dolphins were hurt in the posting...