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    Drum Dials

    The drum dial is basically a spring scale. The numbers are just telling you how far the pin moves up in to the base. 0 being not at all and 100 (all the way around and back to 0) being all the way in. That distance has a linear relationship with the amount of force the head is applying on the...
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    Under sized shells

    It's not shell thickness, it's shell diameter. You basically get the over-sized collar effect with any head.
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    What I learned from the Anika Nilles clinic at DCP

    In addition to what Rick says, I have also heard from several musicians that endorsements are about relationships more than gear. Matt Halpern recently left Mapex as well. He released a statement saying that his main contact at Mapex had passed away a couple of years ago and he hadn't been...
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    OT: Flat Earth Society

    Carry on, I've deleted my posts. Giving this stuff attention is damaging to society.
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    Recommend a single mic for capturing kit

    You have to play with the placement for this method to work. Small movements will make certain pieces of the kit disappear in the mix. Also, I found this works better than a room mic in my room because my room is really small. I would never suggest using this method live, and to be honest it...
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    Isn't Vinnie Colaiuta overplaying here?

    I can't speak for anyone else, but I definitely wasn't saying that. All I'm saying is that if Sting asks you to play that way, then you play that way.
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    Isn't Vinnie Colaiuta overplaying here?

    Josh Freese posted a clip on instagram a while ago of him playing with Sting. One of the comments was that someone though Josh was overplaying, Josh's response was that Sting had specifically asked him to play that way.
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    Recommend a single mic for capturing kit

    If you're looking low budget, I would just use a 57. Put it on top of your batter side bass drum hoop pointed toward the snare, equidistant from your two toms (assuming you're on a 4 piece). There's various videos on this method which I believe is called the "Wurst" method. Yamaha must have...
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    RIP Vinnie Paul

    RIP Vinnie. One of best shows I've ever seen was Pantera with White Zombie opening.
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    My first kit 40 years later

    I visited Dave's Drum shop for the first time about three weeks ago. What a great store. I saw your drums there as well, if I could have fit two kits in my car they might have come home with me. I'm glad I didn't buy them now though.
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    Thick shelled drums

    I'd be interested to hear Inde Josh's take on this. Although his drums are thin, he claims they are designed with stiffness in mind, so perhaps tonally they are more in the medium category.
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    Shall we Have Another Friendly 20" vs 22" Discussion?

    Interesting. I have a 16x20 Premier Genista bass drum from the 90s that has great attack but not enough bottom end for me. It cuts through the mix fine, but sounds thin. My other 20 is a Noble & Cooley CD Maple. That drum has plenty of low end, and seems to be putting out frequencies that...
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    Shall we Have Another Friendly 20" vs 22" Discussion?

    For those who say they are using a 20 in lower volume situations, is that because you feel they sound better when played softly? The reason I ask is because I've been bringing out a 20 recently and I've found that they are better at punching through thick guitars than a 22. Interestingly...
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    Are there any video's or sound files showing the sound difference between a 45 and 30 degree bearing

    By masters and PhD students, this paper was written by an undergrad. In any event, his conclusion was that there was not really much difference. Also, according to his table the heaviest shell was more than 10% heavier than the lightest, and the same can be said for the rims. We all know how...
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    Four Hands Drumming - Carter McLean

    Carter, I have a lot of admiration for you, so this is tough for me. But it seems like you're accusing me of not looking deep enough in to the content, and that it's basically my fault that I didn't get what I was looking for out of your site. I understand you feel the need to defend your...