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    Evans heads still failing

    I don't think any of these guys make their own Mylar. Probably outsource it to a 3rd party.
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    G.D. Billy Kreutzmann's 75th Birthday

    Maybe drugs are good for you?
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    6 or 8 lugs on a 13" snare?

    Never seen a 10 lug 13 inch snare or hoops.
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    Tawny Kitaen RIP

    And now we get to speculate as to cause of death. 59 these days ain't all that old.
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    FedX pending delivery issues

    Anybody else having issues with FedEx delivery? I sent a cymbal into Sabian for a refurb last month and it took over 2 weeks to arrive. Now they've sent it back last Friday and it was supposed to be delivered yesterday ,but now it just says pending @the FedEx website. Seems to be stuck in...
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    Sabian AAX Freq 21 inch ride

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    Who’s Hyped for the Genesis Reunion Tour?

    Worked down the street from WTAE in the 90's at a place called Westinghouse Communications.
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    Attack Drum Heads

    American Musical Supply. Cheap with free Fedx 2nd day shipping plus credits earned.
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    FYI: Sabian cymbal refresh now only supports "new" logo

    Actually have one coming in tomorrow from Sabian. Will publish pics.
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    Evans heads still failing

    Been there ,done that.
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    Super Sensitive Struggles

    Maybe a Remo no collar snare side might do the trick. I've played many a stock SS and never had that issue. I'd also look at a different batter like a Evans dry or maybe a Remo Powerstroke 3 Considering it's pretty old ,the snare wires might have metal fatigue and may need replacing.
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    "You left something in your cart"

    S Same here. Just spent about $1.5 k these past couple of months there ,so it must be a look how much money he just spent.
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    Cleaning sharpie off old K signature

    Lestoil . I had some jerks Sharpie my car and it took off the markings and left the paint and clear coat intact.
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    NPR's 50 Favorite Songs of 1971

    Shuggie Otis would have been much better off without them.
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    NPR's 50 Favorite Songs of 1971

    Tin soldiers and Nixon's coming...