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    Hi Hat Cymbal Sizes...What's your preferred hi hats size ?

    15" Sabian Artisan Brilliant Hihats are my go to size and sound :)
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    Did you learn to play drums by ear?

    I'm Autistic I have aspergersyndrome. My parents knew at a very young age I wanted to play drums. I got my first kit at 10 and I started listening to all my dads cds of Kiss,Reo Speedwagon,Motley Crue,Van Halen,Nirvana and so many more great bands I'd listen to a song I liked probably two or...
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    Your BEST Cymbal?

    My Sabian HHX Explosion Crash 20" or HHX Legacy Ride 22" I would have to say are my most 2 favorite cymbals
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    Difference between Ludwig Black Beauty & Super Brass snares?

    Very nice drum a very helpful piece of advice.. DO NOT take Lacquer stripper to the shell if it gets scratched up down road.. It is a painted shell under nickel plating. I ruined my black beauty trying to take the clear coating off to repair it.. So now I must replate my 6.5 bronze black...
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    Ludwig 2000 era 14" 10 Lug Steel/Chrome Snare Hoops

    for sale 1 excellent condition set of ludwig 14" 10lug chrome/steel snare hoops 2000 era they have the older raised snare gates on bottom hoop. They will fit 14" Diameter snares with 10 lug pattern. Supraphonics LM400/LM402 & Super Sensitive Black Beauty Supralite 10 lug Hoops are in round...
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    Finding a Re-plater who can redo my Ludwig Black Beauty Bronze

    Yeah unfortunately thats why I'm so salty bout it it was past the clear coat
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    Finding a Re-plater who can redo my Ludwig Black Beauty Bronze

    I can't lie it is kinda growing on me too but I was gonna get it engraved by John Aldridge at some point an he can't do nickel engraving it won't work so idk
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    Finding a Re-plater who can redo my Ludwig Black Beauty Bronze

    Its definitely no longer a black beauty. Nickel/bronze is what I got now :( So ill have it replated the proper way and then it'll be a true black beauty again
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    What's your latest drum purchase?

    I have the 14x6.5 version of this drum it's absolutely stunning an awesome. put a set of vintage hoops on it which allowed the lug tension rods to align perfectly, A P85 throw off,P33 diecast buttplate and a tone control muffler.
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    What's your latest drum purchase?

    A set of new drum heads for the top of my Kit 13" UV2 Tom Batter 16" UV2 Tom Batter 14" Power Center Snare Batter and 10pack of musicians gear drumsticks So far really happy with the difference in attack vs my old coated G2's they sound more open an lively
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    Do you prefer Lacquer or Wrap for your kits and why?

    WRAPS cause they are more durable than paint finishes you can scratch a paint finish easier than a actual wrap..
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    I taught myself cause I had no patience for snippy impatient Instructors I probably know more than any lesson could've taught me.. I learned to play songs by ear and listening to them a few times and through discovery as well as trial by error I learned to play drums on my own never had an...
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    EVERYONE PLEASE READ ***DFO Marketplace classifieds*** rules and guidelines from the staff

    I have 51 posts now and still cannot post in buying/selling wth
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    I picked up a Rogers Champagne Sparkle Kit

    Good lord those are beautiful!