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    What Makes a Crash sound good?

    Lots of truth in here. Didn't Joe Morello record Take5 on a single 20" ?
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    Are 18"-22" deep Bass Drums doomed to be completely undesirable?

    I think it's less a question of size than ratio. The shorter the drum, the less resonance. The larger, the lower the note. To get a fast response AND deep (<30hz) bass sound (avoiding cardboard effect), you need a larger diameter. A hasty conclusion would be that bigger/shorter is therefore...
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    What to pay for a ASBA stainless steel shellset?

    What the restauration will involve is not clear from your pictures. While collectors focus more on the mahogany jazz models, a complete Asba with 16 and 18" FT is a rare find. All in mint condition should fetch perhaps 1200 to 1600, but mind that this is not exactly a liquid market.
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    What drums are you not fond of? A silly thread!!!

    Good idea. I'll get the Pearl with power toms..
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    What drums are you not fond of? A silly thread!!!

    that "do you play cajon?" question
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    What drums are you not fond of? A silly thread!!!

    I hate: House kits pedals Damaged drums Stuck butterfly nuts that did not receive a drop of lube in 10 years Snare baskets that tilt while you're playing Dead worn out drumheads, sometimes with hole and plaster In other words I hate most of the London rehearsal studio kits. Still I have the...
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    What drums are you not fond of? A silly thread!!!

    . Especially the moment you will have to change the heads
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    Yamaha Recording Custom vs Stage Custom Birch?

    @hector48 If you can't afford the RC, go Sakae til you can. You get an RC better than an RC, for a little more than half the price.
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    WTB--Sakae Almighty Birch Tom 12x8 and 10x7

    @nopork Just saw (on-line) both 10" or 12" Almighty Birch Black available at this shop in UK. DCP also has 13" and 14".
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    Change of band change of cymbals ?

    22 Signature Power Ride is a (discontinued) beauty. You can hear it in Bon Jovi live performances. The ping goes through everything.
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    Where/how did the "dead drum sound" of the later '70s begin?

    During the 70's studios moved from live recording on 4 or 8 tracks (sometimes just 2) to complex 24 track mixes and controlling sounds with reverb, echo, noise gates, etc.. Drums were producing that 60's jazzy sound which we now call "vintage", which they kept tinkering in the name of control...
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    Birch Snare Owners

    Take your pick. Interestingly the thin Remo Diplomat seems to have a great control of ring tone. Another way is to get a diplomat on the res head, tune it high, then tune down the batter.
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    High-frequency overtone coming from Hi-hats. Not "tick" but "tink"

    At first, I would suggest loosen the pressure of your foot on the pedal or, as was suggested above, play more on the shoulder. If it does not work, I would suggest hi-hat with vent holes (Paiste Sound Edge or Zildjian Quick Beat)
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    Sonor snares

    Beech is the wood that would get you the deepest low tones. Choosing heads and tuning accordingly is what makes a difference.