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    Use snare as a tom? - help

    Just tried your suggestion - massive improvement thank you! Also tried the hydraulic as the batter and prefer that option even more: it works well with the other calftone-headed toms at quiet volume and sounds more beautiful and musical. Have now ordered hydraulics for the other toms to try as...
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    Use snare as a tom? - help

    In the past changing heads has resulted in better sound quality than my dampening efforts. Plus I need spare heads for my 14" snare drums so those that don't work for the 14" FT might be useful for these. (Also have been experimenting with dampening the problem drum and didn't want a long...
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    Use snare as a tom? - help

    Thanks - they do sound interesting and in the Sweetwater review are extremely articulate (being hit reasonably hard). Will definitely try one and then maybe a full set! In the meantime have ordered an Evans hydraulic and an Onyx to try on the “problem drum“ as top heads (or bottom heads with the...
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    Use snare as a tom? - help

    Tried your suggestion - subjectively the reso pitches descend nicely from 10 to 12 to 14. However discovered this, after lowering the batter tension to where bouncing the drumstick for doubles is almost impossible: immediately after depressing the centre of the head a few times with palm of...
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    Use snare as a tom? - help

    My 14” FT has way too much ring and I need ideas please. Kit is a Gretch Catalina Club Jazz with an added PDP 10” tom and DXP 16” tom. All toms are fitted with Evans Calftone batters, with the 16 also being an Emad. All toms apart from the 14 sound good at the tunings I like: warm with minimal...
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    Very thin sticks cause me physical stress

    Would these be a possibility for the OP: Vic Firth SRH (Ralph Hardimon Corpsmaster Signature)? They're used at the drum set by the technically immaculate Emmanuelle Caplette - including cymbals, not just when teaching drum patterns and technique. Or might the cymbal sound be too much of a...
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    Very thin sticks cause me physical stress

    May also be worth trying a pair Vic Firth AJ 1 (American Jazz 1). 'A 5B shaft that feels full-sized yet plays “lightning fast”.'
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    Your Top Ten Albums of 2010-2019

    1. Sidsel Endresen (voice) and Stian Westerhus (guitar) : “Bonita“. (Killer improvisations.) 2. Killick and Monique: “Lave Worriers“. (Guitar & H’arpeggione and vocal improvisations.) 3. Mats Gustafsson (project director): Hidros 6. (A musical improvisations box set feast.) 4. Brandon Seabrook...
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    Ever sand your sticks?

    Once they get rough from rim hits and such they make a good sound effect when you rub one across the other (so don't sand them). A great drummer, Miles Henry, put me on to this.
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    Let's take turns writing a drumming story.

    Frank awoke in a sweat. Upon realising again it wasn't real he started thinking - do these dreams mean something more specific? ... Leslie? ... Hammond organ? His mind immediately went to a certain Chicago organ trio. It had been almost six years since he last saw the Bobby Broom Organ Station...
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    How would you have handled this?

    If you don't plan to deal with him again why not threaten to post all over the drumming forums about his dishonest and extremely rude behaviour until he reimburses you with the difference in shipping charges. If that fails to move him then send him screen shots of your posts after you've started...
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    Seeking Flat or Smaller Bell Ride Suggestion, but Not for Jazz

    18" Bosphorus Master Vintage flat - mine has virtually no character and you can crash the hell out of it quietly! Has an extremely even and polite wash - the opposite of a gongy flat and you can't get an unpleasant overtone or ring no matter what sticks you use.
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    Did the crisis bring an end to your band?

    The lockdown helped us - we were able to use it to take stock and think about what we wanted - the original core players decided to get rid of a couple of problematic members and now we're a happy team of equally dedicated contributors.
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    Tony Williams---WOW!

    My current favourites are the cuts released on Andrew Hill's "Point of Departure" album. The sound of his kit is so beautiful. There are so many wonderful things about this collection: for example his and Eric Dolphy's interaction with each other is to die for.
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    Hi hat and posture

    You could try draping some sandbags Or lead shot bags over the legs. Drummers do this for hi hat stands.