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    The Bumble Bee Heavy Metal Fan

    My wife snapped a picture on our back deck of a bee on a sunflower. I like the bee's right hand salute. It reminds me of the fans at a Judas Priest concert.
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    Hearing protection warning

    Many moons ago as a teenager, I used to put those industrial ear plugs in at my factory job and at band practice. The boys in the band used to laugh at me for it. Now at age 60, the stereo still sounds good to my ears. Those old band mates still like to crank their amps when we get together...
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    Aerosmith Sets the Record Straight Update -- Joey Kramer Played Last Night (2/10)

    I am no longer a fan of the band. Some thing just matter. Thanks for your body of work Joey.
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    Was Neil Peart a cigarette smoker?

    Are there any problems noted with Ragu spaghetti sauce with mushrooms?
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    Joey Kramer

    Are we sure that "Greed" is a factor. I am not sure that I can even name one greedy musician?
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    Was Neil Peart a cigarette smoker?

    Nothing is more nasty than a beach functioning as an ashtray. Vistalite Black- It is also unhealthy for gingiva and stains teeth.
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    Was Neil Peart a cigarette smoker?

    Hawkeye said, "There is nothing wrong with drinking to excess; as long as you do it in moderation".
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    What Hardware Do You Like

    Double braced Pearl boom stands with heavy counter-weights for all cymbals Tama Iron Cobra bass drum pedals (2) Double braced DW hihat standard and cable driven Double braced Yamaha snare stand (low)
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    Pearts many of us still hurting?

    Count me among the still hurting.
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    A proper tribute to Neil's legacy. Sully needs to learn from this.

    I feel that the regular folks from here on the forum have done a superior job of honoring Neil and Rush. Some of the big celebrity names have not risen to the level of class shown by our members here. It seems Neil's class has influence along with his drumming skills. I find myself thinking...
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    So what is the typical length of your gig?

    10:00 pm to 1:00 am (with two 10 min breaks).
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    THE Pedal!!

    When playing "heel-up", I prefer my old Pearl pedals from 1975. (They are probably pretty much junk by today's standards). When playing "heel-down", I prefer my Tama iron Cobras from 1997, whatever vintage that is. (They are very well made and feel perfect in every way). I have 6 Roger...
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    NFL and Neil

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    NFL and Neil

    I was wondering if anyone noticed, but during Saturday's divisional playoff games there were bits of Rush songs played during the timeouts and cut-aways to and from commercials. It was nice to see the respect. I assume this was for Neil. Maybe a network said something that I didn't hear?
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    Is a 4 piece kit just being 'lazy" ?

    I have (3) double bass drum kits and a 4-piece kit; as I like the challenge of making it happen with less at times. That 4 piece vintage Slingerland kit was purchased a number of years back from a forum member here. One of my favorite purchases of all time.