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    Zoom H2N digital audio recorder with accessories

    These devices work great. My bassist has one that we used to record our rehearsals with. Get this before it's too late!
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    Sonor ProLite Limited Edition 14x6.5 Snare Light Grey Die-Cast Hella Hoops, Like New

    Heeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Some one posted a drum set on here that looks very suspiciously similar. Hmmmmmm............:glasses7:
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    Done with EBay and Reverb

    Yeah, you've done alright for yourself. Wish I would have talked to you a year ago. Thanks for the info. I agree on the funds, even though I usually have mine the day after the shipper takes it off my hands. It's never been an issue with timing on getting paid. I'm just a guy with a basement...
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    Hardware question: L-rod tom mount on Pearl bass drum

    I hadn't seen the new hardware and I find it very intriguing. Great post!!!
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    Preventing Hi Hat key-holing

    In playing drums for over 50 years, I've never key-holed a cymbal ever. I'm like you when it comes to protecting gear at every turn. Another angle would be to turn your gear more often if you keep it until it starts to wear or in most cases, I wouldn't worry about it. Good question, however!
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    Done with EBay and Reverb

    My biggest pain is determining the exact size and weight of an item. Pretty much in all instances I guesstimated the shipping charges. Most times I didn't make money but very seldom did I lose a ton. I feared if I get the Reverb tag based on my determining factors when packing at home and using...
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    Drumming Headphones Advice

    Other than becoming spoiled with my IEM's, this ^^^^ all day long. My guitarist has had that pair (250 ohm) and they are outstanding if you want an over the ears option.
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    Done with EBay and Reverb

    I hope I read that correctly. You say FedEx was the highest cost to ship? I found just the opposite. UPS would over charge by almost $5.00 for every $30.00 of value. Case in point I went to ship a snare drum through UPS due to it being closer on the day I chose to ship. When they went to create...
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    Done with EBay and Reverb

    Ok, have a great weekend.
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    Done with EBay and Reverb

    Again, I am going to disagree. Why have a 3rd party get involved when it comes to the money? I can understand person to person where Paypal will be a great asset. But Reverb has convenient terms for buyers and the sellers get their money pronto. Where is the inconvenience you perceive? I'm not...
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    Tama, Superstar, what can you tell me about this drum?

    So far every kit I've heard you play sounds great! Even if just tapping the heads.
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    Done with EBay and Reverb

    I'm going to disagree to a point. I've been a member on Reverb for a year now. I've had excellent customer service as well as met and dealt with many good clients that I still do business with. I've even got repeat buyers. Sadly, I've about run out of things to sell. For me to get paid, once I...
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    Noble Cooley SS Walnut 13x7 mint open box

    They did a really nice job on the wood grain showing. Beautiful drum. GLWS!
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    I received my dream snare drum yesterday... Just want to share it with you all...

    WOW!!! I got no words. Panting heavily however. What a score. I've never seen one before. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!