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    Sweetwater Ads in posts

    Yep. Just started for me, too. Will be visiting less and less.
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    Advertising and allowing ads sux

    Well this is disappointing. As of today I'm starting to see ads on every post. I had this sorted out since I'd joined up until today. Way to ruin a perfectly good website with garbage. Oh well.
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    New Gigging Fee Calculation

    Maybe for you. I have my own band, we do our bookings and things are working out well. Thanks for your participation but there are other opinions out there. Good luck with your gigging.
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    New Gigging Fee Calculation

    I always said I get paid to move gear. The playing is free.
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    (SOLD) Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple 4-Piece - Red Autumn

    I ended up getting $1800.00 plus shipping for mine. They landed in California. Been gone since February. GLWS.
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    GAS temptation

    The dimensions for that kit were listed. Description 1 Kick Drum: 20X16; 2 Floor Tom’s: 14X14; 14X14; 2 Rack Tom’s: 10X7; 12X8;
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    Buyers/Sellers Feedback thread for member references (consolidated)

    Thank you, sir. It was a pleasure.
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    Where can I buy a 25x25x20 box

    Didn't check on availability but here's a good value. uline.com/Product/Detail/S-4963/Corrugated-Boxes-200-Test/26-x-26-x-20-Corrugated-Boxes?pricode=WB3645&msclkid=3e37b93c5e481ec0a825db454f272be6&gclsrc=ds&adlclid=3e37b93c5e481ec0a825db454f272be6
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    Can someone identify this brand?

    See how close it matches this drum. https://reverb.com/item/37317352-slingerland-12-mounted-tom-1960-1970-leather
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    Help with ebay lost package

    I've shipped a bunch of stuff via USPS this past 60 days. They are not fast. Better side of 10 days from ship to shore and that was only several states away. IMHO patience would be your best friend. Most of mine landed without notice until EOD. I'm sure it's a stressful time for the buyer...
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    ***SOLD***7x14 Outlaw Drums Bandit Maple Series Stave Drum $299 shipped!

    Beautiful! I should never get started on these threads. Dimensions or did I miss the details? Sorry.
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    Just in case it were to happen to me, I'm not selling anything at this time so if any listings come up under my ID, don't buy. Report me. lol Actually to confirm anything, check Reverb first. I'll always have a listing there regardless of anywhere else. If you see it in both places, good...
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    OT:..Reverb….”Shipping label estimator”..Do I add before I post the ad..or..after they purchase?

    @varatrodder To the rescue (sorry for the incorrect spelling) https://reverb.com/shipping-estimator What I do is measure, weigh, plug in the numbers get Reverbs "cost estimate" and then add $10.00 for signature and insurance. If I am not particularly aggressive to sell an item I might even...
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    OT Guitar forums?

    Guitarnoise is one I used to frequent. I think it is still around. They created many areas on their forum to assist with most types of recording requirements. Nice group and very knowledgeable.
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    I would like to post something for sale

    We would like to get to know you before you take our money.