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    Bass drum foot technique

    So here is my suspect video, but since the technique is a bit different from what’s been posted maybe someone will find it useful. First part is how I play heel/toe to squeeze out fast doubles, I can play them in this manner continuously, but for me anyway the technique is limited to a...
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    Glad you like, I think with time you will get used to the larger diameter, I had a similar sensation at first which I forgot about till you mention it. With the spindle, I imagine you mean the throne is already pretty tall so you dont need much "spindle" showing? If you wind spindle all the...
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    Bass drum foot technique

    I am with you on the technique, and use much the same as you do, and it varies based on application. If I am playing quieter, i will play heel up, (although I keep my heel barley off the pedal) toward the back half of footboard. This works for jazz, lighter R&b, and its also where I start my...
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    Help tuning a 20" bass drum, would like to reduce "basketball tone" and get the lowest fundamental pitch.

    Maximum Thumpificaton the money shot is at 10min 45sec if you want to hear
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    I have the softy throne, I am about 235-240 and its rock solid and very comfortable for long sets. If you are a bigger guy, Light weight and throne should not be in the same sentence. Well built light weight hardware works elsewhere in your drum kit, but for a throne I want rock solid and...
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    Ludwig Rocker Particle Wood Shells?

    Like others said, early 80s rockers and rockers IIs are American made, 4 ply poplar maple for toms and I believe bass drum is 6 ply. Later rockers with the big chunky hardware were made over seas. If the price is right they are some of the lowest cost American made sets you will find. I...
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    Ludwig kit ID

    Definitely rockers, they are most likely 4 ply maple and poplar. I recently restored a white set of rockers. You can check them out
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    Two rack toms-ride cymbal placement

    This is how I keep mine now. I used to keep it low over the floor tom, but I don’t like the amount of shoulder rotation it takes to play that way. Years of lifting have made me re-think the setup and I keep my high hat and ride more infront of me and less to the side then in the past. It helps...
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    Ludwig Rocker II restoration

    That’s great u kept them. I also have (my nephew is using it now) my Acrolite snare I had in 4th-7th grade band before I got the full kit. I really think a quality wrap is ideal, especially if you play out a lot. When I was in college my set was crammed into every vehicle imaginable, along...
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    Ear protection- what do you use?

    When playing out or with others I use the foam plugs. I original got these for working from home while kids are home, but I love them for drumming too. these are supposed to be 32db cancellation, and work quit well for just noise cancellation, or playing with tunes. The nice thing when playing...
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    How About Songs w/Ride Cymbals That We Liked?

    Jamie Oldaker had some great bluesy ride work on the whole slowhand alblum. This is probably my favorite.
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    What Are You Listening To?

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    Favorite Drum Stick?

    The Vater Los Angeles 5a is just a touch thinner then the fusion, but it has a shorter taper, thicker neck and larger tip. This is my weapon of choice and I find them very durable!/product/3
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    What Are You Listening To?

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    How far are your hats from your snare?

    Very true, if you only play hats on edge, you can put the hats pretty flippin high before it becomes any kind of issue. I play both. Any height lower than 6 inches above snare and playing on edge is difficult for me, other wise if I only played on top I suppose I could go down another inch at...