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    Whats the best way to get this old gooey tape off this cowbell?

    Got it for nothin. But it doesnt sound bad. Sounds like a cowbell. Who woulda thought
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    Whats the best way to get this old gooey tape off this cowbell?

    Thanks boyos. I will enter this battle soon.
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    SOLD 22” Zildjian 1960’s Ride Cymbal 2578g $165 Shipped Soundfile Added

    Yo stpdrummer. Got any videos or recordings of this cymbal?
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    Whats the best way to get this old gooey tape off this cowbell?

    Just acquired this cowbell. I haven't removed any tape yet. This is how I got it. I wanted to see what you guys said first. What kind of sorcery will get all this stuff off clean? p.s. idk why these pics upload sideways
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    In praise of the Acrolite

    Dang the psychedelics with the deep dish acro geez too much mojo in one pic. You gotta warn a guy
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    Progress As You Age

    Old head drummers have less testosterone and therefore drag thinking about chicken pot pie and Biofreeze
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    Cymbal set at tonal opposite end of spectrum

    Looking for a midrange cymbal pack leads me to believe that you are on a tight budget. If so, just stick with the K’s. They are great and will get you paid. But if you got money to blow maybe get a used 22” of something and if you like it try another pie in the line before getting a whole pack
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    Micing kick with front head and donut

    No condescension intended but i cant believe you havent seen literally every big stage act mic the port hole. That is thee sound of all modern popular live music. Pillow and a port.
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    Rob Brown and Flams

    I feel like Drumeo takes 1 step backwards for every 2 steps forwards.
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    Guys, Need Your Help....

    Could you pls pls pls post a pic of the final results? I have a drum that looks almost exactly like that. I just put heads on it and it sound fine. But i always wonder what Precision might be able to do to with it.
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    Vic Firth brushes... turned to goo in my hands

    Gee i use the same ones! Good to know these are a ticking time bomb. My biggest gripe is that the knurling goes down too far for my left hand. The design presupposes that 1) The drummer plays matched but also 2) That in trad the player holds the brush further down the brush. My left hand is...
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    Our 19-year-old girl drummer playing "Sing, Sing, Sing" on calfskin WFLs in front of 1500.

    Geez Louise that band is swingin daddy-o and i mean swaaaaangin! That bassist deserves some praise too. That dude got pocket. Very solid walkin from him. And ya the drummer man that's a high pressure situation. To have everyone look at you, the whole crowd full of her peers, and the whole band...
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    Me playing and soloing at a recent live gig

    Your solo coupled with the Yamahas gives me strong Antonio Sanchez vibes. Very tasty. My only criticism is why is the guitar player standing sooo far away from you and the bassist?? lol
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    Of all things, a hardware rant

    Wow the Yamahas are half the weight of the Atlas Classics?? The Classics are already pretty light, well lighter compared to Pearl stuff which i was using before. Dang i gotta keep an eye on the Yamaha stuff then.
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    Of all things, a hardware rant

    thanks. Good tip for me to know. Ya fortunately the stand goes high enough to position my ride where i want, without having to use the boom to go higher. But still a great stand imo