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    Ear Protection - Quick Response Please!

    I find the Hearos have worked pretty well for me.
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    Blues gigs,blues drummers

    I'm in Maine and until recently was in a blues band. We only had one gig, but that was more about band dynamics than the demand for blues bands. There is a desire for Blues here in Maine as evidenced by the North Atlantic Blues Festival held in Rockland, ME in late July and the Blues Festival...
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    OT: Healthy 2016 "Fit Bit" Recommendations

    Hi all, It has been a long time, since I've been on the forum - mostly because this forum "makes" me spend money and I needed to stop doing that. :laughing6: So I'm in a new job now that requires me to do a lot of walking and stair climbing, so I'm looking into something akin to a Fit Bit to...
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    OT: How long do you keep a vehicle?

    The average age of the vehicles we've had is 10 years.
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    OT Chris Squire passes

    Damn. Sad news. My wife and I saw Yes on their last tour with the new lead singer. I was hoping to catch them on their next tour. A sad day for Prog Rock indeed.
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    I have come to say goodbye to my drum brothers

    Very Sorry to hear this Scott. I will think of Jerry sittin in with BB and Stevie Ray. Thoughts and Prayers to you and your family my drum brother.
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    2 legged hi hat stands

    I had a DW 5000 and what surprised me was how short it was - even with the longer post. So check the dimensions before going after the DW3000. Other than the height, the 5000 was a sturdy, smooth action, comfortable and relatively light HH stand. I bought a PDP stand for my nephew and it just...
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    15" hi hats

    Love 'em! Have one pair of Zildjians I bought from a forum member, and I love the swash! Just picked up another Zildjian set (heavier I think) off of the bay. Can't wait for them to arrive (scheduled for Monday)!
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    Ludwig snares - Let's see them!

    Thanks Sneauman! Three years ago I only owned one extra snare other than what came with the kits I owned. Thanks to this fine group of drumming enthusiasts (read as enablers :laughing6: ), my stable has grown. And, well over half of my Ludwig's came from forum members, or Steve (dimag333)...
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    Ludwig snares - Let's see them!

    This is almost all of them. Just missing one Acro at my practice space. Descriptions to follow.
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    Anyone play Bosphorus anymore?

    I have a 17" Bosphorus Antique Crash and I'll say this as's the only non-Zildjian cymbal I own. I love its sound.
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    ???Getting that Bonham sound from a smaller bass drum???

    Thanks for all the info folks. I don't want to put coated heads on my Vista's, so I'll be trying the clears.
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    ???Getting that Bonham sound from a smaller bass drum???

    Hi all, It's been a long time since I've posted anything new but I've been around. I have a 24"x14" Vistalite bass and I am trying to get that big Bonham thomp from it...rather unsuccessfully, so now I ask this esteemed collection of drummers. How can I get that signature big 26" diameter...
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    Percussionist kids tackle Led Zep! Great stuff....

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    I have come to say goodbye to my drum brothers

    Still thinking of you my drum brother. Though we've never met, you are on my mind. Keep your spirits high my friend.