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    Anyone ever compare the 22" SC Bell Ride vs the Powerslave version?

    I'll bet blue jackets fan has compared them. Pretty sure he's owned everything Paiste has made at one point or another!
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    Shopping in a "Real" Drum Shop

    12 pages- only middle aged white guys :laughing5:
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    Is country drumming boring?

    Are there drums in todays so called country music? My GF listens to that s#$t and a mile down the road I am ready to kill something. When I was growing up country western was men and women from the south, not failed rock bands or rappers from Cleveland or NYC.
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    Shopping in a "Real" Drum Shop

    Did they grab by the shirt collar and belt loops and toss you out the door? Interested in hearing more as well
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    New Metallica Album and Tour Announced

    I read somewhere 5 finger is suburban dad rock :laughing5:
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    OT: Credit card charge backs

    Happened to me a few months ago I bought a new bag to carry my gear to the gun range, or so I thought. I placed the order from a reputable company I've done business with in the past. Normally you get an automatic invoice sent to your email. I never received one. After a few days I never...
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    Keller getting out of the drum shell business ?

    Need a hitler YouTube video to explain all this about now.
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    New Metallica Album and Tour Announced

    Right here. I thought the last 2 outings were pretty decent 5 finger never interested me. Are they metal country now? They came through WV with one of those new bro country singers they are splitting the bill with
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    Larry Mullen unable to tour in 2023

    Mullen is the best part of U2. Hope he heals quick. Sometimes that simple drumming is the best
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    What was that brief 2013 Vinnie Goes Ludwig About?

    All I know is I enjoy listening to the man speak. His podcast is great.
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    Me and the ol lady are going to Mexico for a Thanksgiving trip
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    Stewart Copeland cymbal sound

    That could have been it, been years since I read that interview. All these big time endorsers are always using some sort of super secret cymbal or something never available to the public
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    So George Kollias is now endorsing Zildjian!

    George is a great all around drummer. He gets pinged as a death metal drummer a lot That said, he really talked up Sabain.
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    Stewart Copeland cymbal sound

    Stew used a sig dry heavy for a while. Then a green coated dry heavy, I remember an MD interview years ago, he mentioned a prototype ride cymbal. So, I'd say the dry heavy/ green dry heavy became the blue bell. Just my thoughts puting 1 and 1 together.
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    (Good) news about Regal Tip!!(?)

    I bought a "remlin" .45/70 trapper. I like it, Remington defiantly cheaped out on it though. I like what Ruger is doing with Marlin so far. Lucky I have an original JM guide gun .45/70 Back to the sticks!