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    Sabian Soundcheck - try cymbals at home

    But I thought everyone hates the new logo? Between this and the custom shop, Sabian is doing some great things.
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    New Drum Kit Day! Gretsch USA Custom - Mystic Blue Gloss (Update - more pics)

    Thats one of the best finishes Ive ever seen. Curious with what is going on with Dan how these were packed?
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    Dan's FedEx Damage claim Update - DENIED

    Dan, my GF is fighting with an online furniture company right now (coleman) over an Ashley brand sectional she bought. One recliner section broke a month into owning it. Both companies say they are not responsible for it. I mean WTF here? She has filed a report with the Ohio AG. So yeah, I know...
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    Favorite NFL team

    So my GF lives in The Plains, Ohio suburb of Athens,Ohio and the home of Joe Burrow. Her son plays football for Athens and Burrow has been coaching with the team and working out at the school as well. I guess he’s still living at home. I enjoy sports but really have zero interest in the...
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    Drum Ads Seared Into Your Memory

    Paiste did one with Tommy Lee I believe, “ Happier than a pig in s**t ad, might have generated some hate mail. I want to go on record and say this thread is bringing some serious joy. Looking back at these old ads is something else. I really regret tossing all my old drum mags and catalogs.
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    Your opinion of NICKELBACK

    MILFS love these guys. what happened to the first guy in the drums?
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    Drum Ads Seared Into Your Memory

    Boy these bring back a lot of memories Tama seemed to always have best ads in MD mid to late 80s. Band was grim reaper, guy playing drums had a killer set up with rack Anyone remember when Paiste put those flimsy little records in MD? Paiste took it for cymbals as well.
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    Your opinion of NICKELBACK

    Now that is horrible music. Any of this new”country” music is bad. It’s about all my GF will listen to.
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    Marijuana and Drumming ?

    I haven't smoked in 15-20 years. Boy I'd love to burn one though!:happy6: Funny story- I tested for the WV state police back about the time I stopped the pot. Went for the background test and the SGT administering the polygraph was going over this many page questioner I had to fall out. He got...
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    AC/DC Drummer Claims He Started With Tom Jones. What's Up Pussycat?

    He and Carl Palmer could have been twins back in the day.
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    Interesting changes to PayPal's Account User Agreement coming July 31st

    True, never thought of that aspect of it.
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    Interesting changes to PayPal's Account User Agreement coming July 31st

    Shipping is crazy anymore, I get it fuel, salaries and associated costs. Time eats the PP fee and then shipping its not worth it. And now you try and sell a decent or like new item and buyers want to offer pennies on the dollar. I had some outdoor gear for sale on a FB group asked $140.00...
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    Coolest drummer you ever met?

    Tommy Aldridge - told this story a million times, in my teens I went a clinic he was doing and was the first one there, helped with getting the kit set. Paul Leim - chatted with him a show Columbus percussion used to put on. He asked what kind of work I did and next thing I know he's asking me...
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    Anybody notice how shoddy and unprofessional the Mapex site is?

    Now that I'm thinking about- comic book characters or big time wrestlers names are on par with the Mapex lines.
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    Anybody notice how shoddy and unprofessional the Mapex site is?

    No Yamaha is still reigning champ for worst drum site of the decade. Mapex is up there. These are fine drums but those names, sounds like a bunch of cartoon characters. My big wish for all these companies. Modern PDF catalogs I can download to my iPad