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    Joe, You Need This In Your Life

    I noticed the one in the video is riveted.
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    What Are You Listening To?

    I've really been into this lately.
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    I have $800~ to spend on a 4pc kit including snare. What do you recommend?

    What is your budget for cymbals? It's a lot easier to take a subpar kit and make it sound acceptable but it's next to impossible to take cheap cymbals and make them sound good. With that said, I would keep your eyes open for a good used drum set in your area (Yamaha, Tama, Ludwig, Mapex...
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    Show Us Your Rides

    The middle and back rows
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    "Tighten Up"

    Excellent. Thanks for sharing.
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    Slingerland Restoration Project

    Great job! Can't wait to see the finished product.
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    The other end of the equipment spectrum

    I have two 18" Wuhan crashes, one thin and one medium, that I don't think I will ever sell. They were super cheap and sound great.
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    Ex-Five Finger Death Punch Drummer Wants $25,000 for Tour Set

    Those bass drums alone are worth $25,000
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    What's your MAIN snare drum at the moment ?

    2008 - 70's Acro 2020 - INDe 6.5x14 Copper
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    Ludwig Kit Progress FINISHED!

    Excellent job so far!
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    How would you have handled this?

    He did insert the "winking face" emoji which does generally denote an inside joke or sarcasm. It was in poor taste but he could have just been being way over the top on purpose. Now, as for the extra $60 in shipping with no tangible explanation or transparency upfront, that's definitely a problem.
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    New Ludwig Legacy Jazz Festival

    INDe has an excellent clone in their RESoArmor...
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    Bass drum pedal lubricant

    I have a bottle of DuPont Multi-Use Lube with teflon and it works great! I used white lithium up until I found this.
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    a dumb idea for a kit that I'd like to assemble

    Make it so.