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    Chick Corea has passed away

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    I love my INDe keys.
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    Seller Etiquette on DrumForum

    Ay caramba! That seller sounds like a real hoochy mama.
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    OT- Is your Christmas tree still up?

    Ours will be up for at least another week.
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    OT: First the bad news, then more bad news

    Sorry to hear Bob. I'll be praying for you and your family for strength and comfort through this tough time. You're a great guy and I hope you get the best care out there to knock it out of your system. Hang in there and keep us updated!
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    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone on DFO!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!
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    MIJ drums finally ‘restored’. Thank you DWSlingerland45

    Excellent job!! Love it.
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    Drumming Nightmares

    I had a dream the other night that I was getting together with my friends to jam and my wife had already moved my set from the drum room out to the living room for me. What a nightmare....
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    Choicest Wires for COB Super Ludwig?

    Time to play the lottery my friend! If you grow tire of it I'll give you your $45 back and pay the shipping to me. :cool2: I'd keep it to 20 strands or less if it were me. Puresound or similar would sound great on it.
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    Recommendation for a jazz crash?

    I use a 20" Dream Bliss Paper Thin. It is the perfect lush deep wash crash.
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    OT POLL: How long did it take you to vote?

    Please, do not make this a political thread! I live in a fairly rural area and I have been hearing from friends and family that have had to wait one to two hours in line when they would normally only have to wait 30 minutes or less. Just curious what you all have been experiencing!
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    My latest with the kids from the high school...

    This is AWESOME!!!! Excellent job.
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    Drum cake!

    That is so awesome!
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    The Official Mitch Mitchell isolated drum thread

    Thanks for sharing. I love Mitch's drumming.
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    OT - A Conversation on Jazz

    I can see where someone who is a veteran jazz connoisseur would find some of the concepts in the book elementary. I'm 34 and have lived in rural, central PA my entire life so I needed something to help me learn what jazz was all about. For me, at the time, it was an excellent resource to help...