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    Slingerland Bass drum rods?

    I have a few of these (6) bass drum tension rods that I found in my closet... I tried to figure out what they were, and the best I could come up with is that they are vintage Slingerland Radio King rods. Does anyone know for sure what they might be? I saw a few on ebay that said they were either...
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    Rogers swan leg snare stand...Need some help. Found this in sold items...Seems to be...
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    Rogers swan leg snare stand...Need some help.

    What's the going price for the stand that I have?
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    Rogers swan leg snare stand...Need some help.

    I came across this Rogers swan leg snare stand a few weeks ago. My question for any Rogers players out there is: What Is It? I know it's a 1960's swan leg stand, but that's all I know. Could be a Giant, Swivomatic, Stay Tite or something like that. Any help would be appreciated, as I don't want...
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    Ludwig Monroe 6.5 x 14 Supraphonic **SOLD**

    How much are you asking for the snare? and are there any pics?
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    Vintage Pearl oval badge drum set

    The drum shells are either mahogany or rosewood...They SOUND like mahogany. Nice warm tone. Appear to be 5 ply, but not positive about that. Badges are metal with grommets and glue. I was told before that they might be the presidential series...
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    Vintage Pearl oval badge drum set

    I will start this post by stating that I know nothing about vintage Pearl drums...I hope someone here does. I picked up a five piece Pearl set from a friend who was cleaning out his deceased father's garage, and came across these under some old blankets. The only thing I know about them is that...
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    Cymbal "Hum"

    The Hum that you're hearing is probably coming from the stand... I've noticed this when attaching a cymbal stand to or around the bass drum mount or anywhere that can make a larger tom resonate. If you have a tri-post mount with two holding up some toms, and one holding a cymbal, you will get...
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    Sabian SR2 Refurbished Cymbals

    I'm seriously thinking about purchasing one of these Sabian SR2 cymbals. Although they look like crap and the SR2 logo is hideous, they seem to be a great deal on the Sabian line. Has anyone ever bought one of these? Are they worth the price? Seems it's kind of pot luck as to which line they...
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    Drum Head Dents

    I went ahead and tried a few experiments with some recently deceased 12" dented tom heads. First, I put a lighter up to one of the dents from underneath. After a few seconds, the dent actually "Popped" back into flat. This worked fine, but distorted the head slightly. Second, I tensioned a...
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    Drum Head Dents

    Some replies to the above argument: Lickbag: I will try this method on some old 2 ply heads that have some dents...I have about 43 of them stacked in my closet. JR: You are probably right about the weakening of the molecular structure of the heads, but it's worth a shot. ARguy: A heat gun...
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    Drum Head Dents

    THANKS Lickbag, I have a few single ply heads which need "un-denting", but most are 2 ply EC2 coated. Does anyone have a method for 2 ply? Or can the above solution work for both?
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    Drum Head Dents

    A while back I saw a posting from a member that described how to remove dents from drum heads using an iron. I neglected rule #23 of drumming: Never let a drunk woman play your drums at 3:00 A.M. The posting said something about using an iron and a damp towel, but I don't remember the technique...
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    Wuhan Cymbals

    I have the 16", 18" and 20" W/ Rivets China Cymbals from Wuhan... I have also owned many Zildjian Chinas of the same sizes. The Wuhans won the battle for both sound and price. Peart played these a while back, and I can see why. Cracked one or two, but who cares...For $20 - $40 Bucks...Easily...
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    18" Ludwig floor tom wrap crack

    Out here in Arizona, things tend to crack and dry out due to the lack of humidity...You should see my ex-wife. I'll take a trip to Home Depot and Auto Zone and see what they have. If anyone has had any success with any of the above mentioned methods, please let me know. Thanks, Pstone