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    14x5.5 Oriollo cast bronze snare

    (You DO!) ;)
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    Drum Supply House DIY snare kits

    Be aware, their customer service is very hit or miss at Drum Supply House. Do a search around here. That said, these are a great deal and great shell.
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    14x5.5 Oriollo cast bronze snare

    FOR SALE! Oriollo 14x5.5 Cast Bronze snare, 3.4mm thickness, sand cast, finished with brass plated lugs and 100% brass 8 hole hoops (not plated, full brass), Inde throw and butt, 1/2” brass plated vent hole. This drum was patina’d by Vukan Karadzic and was originally just a shell that I used...
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    Remo Classic Fit

    I’ve had a set on my Gretsch RB since they came out. No issues, still sound great.
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    Just won a modded Supra!

    You’ll most likely need an adjustable spacing throw like the Inde. Good news is it’s very similar to the new Ludwig, as they were designed by the same guy (Josh at Inde).
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    Bird's Eye Views...

    Is that some sort of Math riddle there for us drummers?
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    Going to DaVille for the Snare Drum Build

    I’d say go with whatever size you normally play. I do actually prefer the thinner 1/4” shell with milled in rings to the straight 1/2” shell. The older style 1/2” have a lot of crack, but not as much body as the thinner shell with rings (which because of the rings, has similar crack, but quite...
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    Anyone using a 13" snare drum as the main snare?

    13x7 is a great size that has a similar range as a 14x5, but with more depth to the sound, but still a nice pop and higher pitch.
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    Duluth Brass Manufacturing Redux.

    I haven’t seen anyone chrome plate bronze hoops, but I’m sure a plating company could advise you. Unfortunately I don’t know of any other than Southern California (La Habra Plating). I have seen one shell done in black by Justin Nebe at Nebe drums on Instagram. I loved the look so much, I’m...
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    Duluth Brass Manufacturing Redux.

    First off, congratulations on getting your first build going. You will not be disappointed! I’ll do my best to answer your questions (I’m on build #6 currently, and have owned several other brands cast bronze snares). The treebronze 907 alloy is a great place to start. I like the size you’re...
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    Meinl 24” R&D Concept Model (Foundry Reserve Thin Ride)

    Great balance of stick, wash, bell, and crash! Nice pick up.
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Both. They actually sound great together, one is higher/trashier, the other smoother and lower. But they usually end up split up, because it’s a very specific sound when paired together.
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    Serious snare question - The actual sonic difference between 5 and 6.5

    This is how I tune mine. Shallower snares low/deep, deeper drums higher (but still retain body because of depth of shell).
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    The Cure Drum Tone

    Searched some other forums and found that Boris Williams, The Cure’s drummer used a Noble & Cooley solid snare with a Black beauty as a backup while he was with them. Kit was a Yamaha 9000 series. As far as production, sounds like 80’s gated reverb to me. (compressed reverb with a sharp gate...
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    That’s my favorite Meinl ride. I have TWO!