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    Frizzle Fry-day Five Fer

    Just got my tickets.
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    Some pics of the first Spun-Basalt drum kit

    Can’t wait to hear it!
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    Q Drums!

    Jeff Friedl from A Perfect Circle played them for a long time. I think he’s with Ludwig now. But there are a few good live concerts on YouTube where you can hear the Q drums, including this one:
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    Biggest kit you have ever owned?

    This is not actually one kit, but everything I could fit together just for fun one day. Never gigged it. First kit I owned was double bass, 4 rack toms, two floors. The Lars Ulrich setup from the 90’s.
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    For you Gear Geeks... What’s Your "GUILTY PLEASURE" Piece of Gear?

    Love that thing! Inspired my guilty pleasure
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    Favorite cowbell?

    LP Mambo...which is the same cowbell as the Steve Gadd model, with a different mount.
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    Yamaha seamless copper 6.5x14 snare MIJ with pics!

    Great snares! Used one last night that I patina’d myself. Someone will be stoked with your drum!
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    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    Jazz gig last night at a performance arts center. The 18/12/14 Thumper nesting kit with a self patina’d 90’s seamless copper Yamaha 14x6.5 snare, Meinl dual hats 15”, 23” Matt Chamberlain Agop ride, 19” Agop signature crash, 12” Agop trash hit.
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    The Time had come to sell them all

    I’m interested in the Rough ride.
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    15” hats for jazz combos. Anyone play them?

    Yes, 15’s most of the time for Jazz, sometimes even 16’s.
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    Bird's Eye Views...

    Yep, those are them! I like them a lot. I sometimes use a thinner bottom.
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    Bird's Eye Views...

    You ever have a cymbal that just doesn’t seem to mate with any other cymbals, but sounds great on its own? And so rarely gets played... Finally found a sibling for an Istanbul Agop original fully lathed Matt Chamberlain 23” ride In a first generation Zildjian K Custom dry complex medium thin...
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    Pricing on a couple of cymbals...

    Let’s not forget about inflation.
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    Looking for Hardshell Case Recommendations

    I might be the minority in this case (pun intended), but I like my H&B Enduro Pro models much more than my SKB’s. They feel more rigid, the padding is thicker, and they (also) interlock really well. 20+ years on the same set of cases with zero issues and probably a thousand or more gigs.