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    Custom Nickel Lugs.

    I could be misreading your post, but are you looking to have custom lugs made to match others that you already own or just to match a specific hole spacing in a drilled shell? Perhaps you already have but I'd try contacting Champagne https://champagnedrum.com/lugsC If you're looking for...
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    2002 Big Beat vs Giant Beat to mix with Old A’s.

    Just take the plunge on the 24" big beat. It's an insanely good cymbal that gets overlooked. Beautiful wash, awesome bell, great crash, etc... It still has that distinct Paiste sound but it has a darker edge that I think would blend well with what you have.
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    A Paiste line up

    The 2002s are great cymbals without question, but based on what you're describing I'd recommend the 2002 big beats over the originals. The big beats have that distinct Paiste sound, but they also capture a somewhat darker (for lack of a better word) vibe. I have the 19-20-21-22-24 big beats and...
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    Premier coming back to the US!

    You may want to re-read the few posts you are referencing.
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    Premier coming back to the US!

    I have the same snare, didn't realize it was only made for such a short period. Just my uneducated opinion, but I think it sounds pretty dead with the liner...I removed it and never looked back, and now have a snare that's more to my liking. The brushed aluminum finish is pretty cool on those.
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    Premier coming back to the US!

    The walnut snare they released is beautiful and it's nice to see they chose to have it made in the UK. But the ~ $1500 price is a little nuts. You can buy a very nice set of Signias for that kind of money.
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    Chad Smith’s Paiste set revealed

    I'm not really a RHCP fan, but Chad seems like a good guy who really enjoys what he does. His quote at 4:13 is pretty hilarious... "Yeah the 38" gong is the standard size but I'm not playing at the local bar..."
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    Paiste 2002 24 Crash or Reverend Al's Ride

    I know the 24 crash has been discontinued, but maybe someone has it sitting around somewhere going unused. Willing to pay cash (i.e. paypal) or work out a trade/partial trade. I have the following cymbals to trade: Paiste 20" Masters dark crash/ride Paiste 20" Traditionals light ride Paiste 19"...
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    Sooo, What exactly IS the current status of Premier?

    That's a really cool story, thanks for sharing. Looks like Premier launched their new website and I'm surprised at how nice some of the stuff looks. That limited edition walnut snare is absolutely beautiful and it's cool that it was made in the UK. I was really tempted to buy it but quickly...
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    Sooo, What exactly IS the current status of Premier?

    I have to agree with mgdrummer and the others. The current Premier might have the same name but it's not the same company. However, I'd argue that British Drum Company is carrying on the high standards that were set by Premier. This is a new finish that BDC put out recently. It reminds me an...
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    Show Us Your Summit Drums

    Mahogany and Quilted Maple.
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    Premier Heavy Rock 9 Snare Drum - Reviews?

    https://reverb.com/item/62148986-premier-14x9-heavy-rock-nine-brass-snare-drum Just got listed on reverb.
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    Show us your Copper!!! Lets see your closet copper snare drums, you know you have some! UPDATED TOTALS!

    I recently picked up this Inde copper snare. Complete coincidence that I bought it...was at a local store to work out a trade on some cymbals and I saw this literally sitting on the floor. I had zero intentions of buying a snare that day, but I couldn't resist.
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    Premier Heavy Rock 9 Snare Drum - Reviews?

    I didn't remove the badge, just carefully taped it off with some electrical tape. I thought about trying to remove it but didn't see a good way to do it without damaging something. Glass bead blasting is analogous to sand blasting but it's more gentle and doesn't remove as much material. The...