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    Talk About OT: What's the Farthest You've Ever Traveled From Home?

    UK to Australia as a lad, then Asia from where I did more than one trip to US and Europe and back. I am still in Asia.
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    Can you play a roll (and how important are they)?

    To answer the question, yes, I can play a roll. Do it often as transition from one chorus/soloist to the next in my jazz setting. I have also found it a nice 2 beat change up during a snare drum only "train" shuffle in Country.
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    Cadeson, Studio Series - reduced price.

    Had the maple Studio Wiz some time back in 10/14/20 and they were great. Don't know why I sold them. The original matt grey hoops are not seen in this pic but the "gold" lugs might be.....I live reasonably close to Taiwan but their supply is locally considered extremely slow despite having a...
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    DW Edge snare owners...

    I had a 12" DW Edge and no issue with snare bed etc. It was just too heavy ......
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    Who Is The Most Famous Person You’ve Met?

    Mick Jagger as he sat in the Bamboo Bar at Oriental Hotel in Bangkok after a cancelled Stones concert there. Very erudite and well-read conversationalist.
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    A wood snare like nothing you've ever heard before...but in a good way

    As others have said .... Brady 12 x 7 Sheoak block. It does everything for any genre ..... .
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    "Tighten Up"

    Love it !! ....
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    What's your MAIN snare drum at the moment ?

    My Brady 12 x 7 Sheoak block with Maple hoops has been my mainstay since I bought it a couple of years back ... .
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    Can you remember who you sold your very first set to?

    My first kit was a very cheap hand painted no namer with paint going all over the hardware that I bought from a second hand store. I could not use it as a trade in nor sell it as it was so bad, so I gave it to a local boys club to bang on .....
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    You're in quarantine with the first famous drummer you saw live - who is it?

    My uncle Norman Hewitt who who was a well known jazz drummer around the Oxford UK area in those days. He took me to a new Jazz Club where he played and I still have the membership card ... number 00003.....
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    What's your favorite auxillary percussion item?

    A 4" square wood block. It's Maple colored so matches my kit's hoops and I prefer it over a cowbell for latin tunes. .
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    How many things can be wrong on one ad ?

    Ask if he has a matching snore stand or bass drum poodle ......
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    How do you promote your band ?

    Never did those. Did do a few "themed" nights like Brazilian Night, Cowboy Night, Night of Romance and others ......
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    How do you promote your band ?

    I do all the promos for one venue and owner puts up all of those in poster form as a calendar of events ... that works for him. We tend to do promos for each gig regardless of venue (with owner's permission) and they appreciate that addition to any of their own promos for the event.
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    How do you promote your band ?

    I must confess that promos we have done had little direct responses, however, when we called at a venue in person, they seems to have seen our promos thus it was easier to talk. We also make sure to post pics of any gig and the diners and talk about what a great venue it was in terms of food...