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    Gretsch Renown Maple Series 20/12/14" 4pc Kit 2010s Piano Black

    I was wondering the same thing.
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    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    I played a beautiful room last night. Drums sounded HUGE.
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    Live From My Drum Room - Remembering Charlie Watts Part 1

    Watching Steve Gadd continually crack up while waiting for Andy Newmark to figure out Zoom was alone worth the price of admission!
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    Let's See Those Bop Kits

    None currently, but I've had a couple of bop sets. Sonor Sunset in Red Birdseye Maple: Sonor Ascent Jazz in Crème White: Sonor Ascent Jazz in Burnt Fade:
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    Yes or No, Bass Drum Pillows

    I usually run PS3 clear or coated batter/PS3 Smooth White or PS3 Fiberskyn reso. Sometimes I'll go with a Smooth White Ambassador reso with a felt strip. I tend to prefer unported resos for my 20" bass drums; 4" port for my 22's and 24". No other muffling for me.
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    Drum bag mold removal?

    Oh, this was just an extra set of bags in the garage. All drums live in the house. :)
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    Drum bag mold removal?

    Thanks, Sherm. I tend to agree with you: I'd always wonder whether it was still active and quietly eating at the hardware and shells, no matter how many times I cleaned them. I think I'll just be getting another new set of bags for that particular drum set. Thanks all.
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    Drum bag mold removal?

    Hi all, I left a set of Ahead Armor drum bags in the garage over the summer, and unbeknownst to me, the garage roof sprung a small leak right where the bags were resting (nowhere else, of course). The bags were nested: 13" and 16" inside the 22" BD bag. All my bags now have splotchy white mold...
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    Steve Maxwell posts Steve Jordan Stones Set-Up

    A friend of mine took this shot last night at the Charlotte, NC show.
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    SOLD Ludwig Legacy Pro Beat Maple Kit silver sparkle - 24/13/16 - $2200 Shipped CONUS

    As the previous owner of this set, I can attest that they are flawless. And $2200 shipped is a steal. Someone will be very happy.
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    Steve Maxwell posts Steve Jordan Stones Set-Up

    It's official: 24/13/14 will be the next trend, combined with Crosstown hardware. I think it's great! Something I'd have never predicted.
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    24" cymbal bags - what's good?

    I got a new Forest Green 22" Tackle cymbal bag in a trade and liked it so much that I bought a Black 24" soon after. All handmade, they are very nice, and the owner, Scott McPherson is a real nice guy. The only minor drawback (to me) is that the bag tends to fold over once cymbals are removed...
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    excellent Canopus!

    It's actually pronounced "kuh-NO-puhs"
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    Watch The Stones play first gig without Charlie

    Very true. The vast majority of famous Stones tracks had Charlie playing straight 8ths on the hi hat.