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    Customer Reviews at Musicians Friend

    Musician's Friend, damn it, "MUSICIANS FRIEND"
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    Customer Reviews at Musicians Friend

    It did it again! Please read "bad person" as "Musicians Friend".
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    Customer Reviews at Musicians Friend

    Sorry, that's a typo I overlooked. I meant to say "bad person", which is what I typed, but spellchecker changed it to "bad person". I gotta watch abbreviations!
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    Customer Reviews at Musicians Friend

    I read customer reviews when they're available. Sometimes there's valuable information above and beyond the specs and sales hype. In many cases, however, there's just more hype or opinions so at odds with each other I can't take any of them seriously. You know; one drummer says it's a greatest...
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    Joke Thread

    Amosguy, you made my day! THANKS!
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    Why no bamboo?

    I purchased a demo Ddrum Dios Bamboo Snare from Sweetwater a few months ago. Before I get started, I always fear any mention of Ddrum will be greeted with disdain and the assumption I couldn't possibly know anything about drums. This is the hallowed halls of Ludwig, DW, Gretsch, etc.,and I...
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    What seemingly easy song/part did you surprizingly struggle with?

    Paul McCartney plays drums on that cut. Ironically, one of my favorite Beatle drum parts is on "Dear Prudence", which is also played by Paul, not Ringo. Not surprising that some non-drummers can play well or have a great conception of drumming. Steve Gadd said he was stumped trying to figure...
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    Marijuana and Drumming ?

    I saw a wonderful bio about Louis Armstrong. Dexter Gordon recalled how honored he felt when Armstrong asked him to join his band. Sure, Gordon played a more modern style, but he had so much respect for Armstrong. He discovered that Louie smoked pot before every gig: terrible home grown weed...
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    Marijuana and Drumming ?

    I agree with you; some musicians have a few tokes or a drink and play great. I won't pre-judge anyone. Like many of the drummers who commented here, I enjoy listening to music stoned but I prefer to be totally straight when I play a gig.
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    Tony Williams...

    One of the greatest. Mind-boggling how good he was at 17 playing with Miles. Ironically, I saw this incredible jazz drummer a few years later with his Lifetime group, Jack Bruce on bass (of Cream fame); and he was playing rock type grooves. I thought it was great he was trying something new...
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    Drums gone in 2021?

    Barton, Crush and WFLIII seem to have faded away in 2021. Don't see new models from these companies but some demos are around. Barton offered shell packs and snares at a reasonable price. I thought Crush made some really interesting sets, and watched the videos of Bill Ludwig promoting his snare...
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    We’re we ever really THAT naive?

    I'll try my best to list some recordings that demonstrate the great hi hat work of Jo Jones. I must point out when Jo Jones made classic recordings with the Count Basie Band in 1937, there weren't any microphones on the drum set. You hear the way his drums sounded in the room but you may not...
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    We’re we ever really THAT naive?

    I grew up in NY, too, and saw so many great drummers that I took for granted. But of all the great rock, jazz and Latin drummers I was fortunate to see, and I would add the great orchestral percussionists who were "around", there was one time when a drummer absolutely blew me away and changed my...
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    Shuffles (thank you Rob Brown)

    I find a lot of Rob Brown's videos really helpful. He's an excellent teacher. I love the way he always urges you to relax and enjoy drumming, and his playing always has that spirit.
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    Songs with not-so-great drum parts

    Thanks for replying. I'll add my response and then give forum members a break from me ["yeah, we were hoping you'd get lost"] Better IS subjective. Technology is definitely a factor in determining if one recording is "better" than another, but by no means the only factor. How the music moves...