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    Tama Starclassic Performer, Caramel Aurora

    I see they changed the Perfomers to a maple/birch shell. What sizes did you go with?
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    New Bonham snare vs Vintage Bonham snare

    The main difference is the older ones have 1.6mm hoops vs the newer ones with 2.3mm hoops.
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    What’s with the blackros over $200

    Didn't Acros and Blacros make their name as student drums? If they're no longer made, what has taken their place?
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    Salesman Love

    That twisted Salesman snare has been on my wishlist for a while.
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    OT- nfl playoffs

    Saints are hanging in there now that they finally have a solid defense. The matchup with the Bucs (Brady) next week will be big, but the Saints have already beat them twice this year. I'm more worried about them facing Green Bay in the cold.
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    Gretsch Renowns?

    It was just a year or two ago those colors were offered. Contact as many Gretsch dealers as you can and see if they can find any of those kits on a shelf somewhere.
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    Gretsch Renowns?

    I have one of these kits I bought when they were new around 06 or 08(?) and have been playing it exclusively ever since. Mine was packaged with the matching snare but I didn't know at the time there was an add-on 18" tom available. I've never seen one for sale by itself but have come across a...
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    OT: GC purchase irritation

    I can't post the Leo Getz (Joe Pesci) rant about drive-thrus here due to language, but it's a solid tip to always keep in mind. :-D
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    OT: Selling CDs at shows

    My band released a CD in 2018 and made 200 copies and sold all of them at shows. We recently partnered with a label in England to print even more copies on vinyl. While there may be less people buying physical copies of music, demand is still there, and in a way buying it at a show is a souvenir...
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    Gretsch 14x8 Brooklyn snare

    Gretsch made it special for Bentley's. They've also had things from Gretsch like 14x8 COB snares that aren't regular production drums.
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    Gretsch 14x8 Brooklyn snare

    Bentley's just listed an interesting Gretsch Brooklyn snare in a size not normally offered, with a Micro-sensitive throwoff instead of the usual Lightning, and with a branded G instead of the round badge. It's always fun to see one-offs like this...
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    Coated heads on a kit... been awhile

    I've used coated G2s over clear G1s on my Renowns for years. I recently switched to a coated G1 batter on the rack tom to open it up a little since I mount it in a snare stand. The difference is subtle but I like it.
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    Ludwig Copper Acrolite?

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    8 Lug Black Beauty

    The G4160 (14x5 COB ), arguably one of Gretsch's most iconic snares, is still 8 lug.
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    Ludwig Copper Acrolite?