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    Pork Pie Big Black (BOB) vs Pearl Sensitone

    Musician's Friend has the Pork Pie BoB on sale for $279.99. Used ones aren't much cheaper, especially if you have to ship it. Also, Chicago Drum Exchange has a used Pearl Sensitone right now for $369.
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    The “Perfect” Drum Set...

    It wasn't uncommon a while back when you had lines like Yamaha Absolute and Pearl Masters offer the same drums in different woods to see guys using maple kick and birch toms, for example, since they all matched visually. There doesn't seem to be much of that offered today but you can still...
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    Pearl Music City Custom solid shell snares who makes the shells ?

    Any idea if they're making the shells in Nashville or shipping them over from Taiwan?
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    Well hello!

    Welcome! It's a shame if PDF is really gone, I used to go there all the time.
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    New custom order coming in.

    Wow, that thing should be a beast! I know you can't wait to play it!
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    The Big List - Yamaha, Joyful Noise, Craviotto & More

    Yeah, if that's what's being sold off, I can only imagine what he's keeping! :shock:
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    metal shelled drum sets

    Did your Q kit have wood reinforcement rings? I tapped on a copper Q kit at Lone Star Percussion and was pleasantly surprised at how "normal" they sounded (in a good way), and attributed a lot of it to the maple rings influence on the bearing edge.
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    Update!! I bought a new kit! (Classic Maple's) Set up pics!

    Having played a 4-piece setup for a long time, you have what I consider a lot of toms. What type of music do you mostly play? Also, good call on the Gretsch bronze snare. I don't generally like metal snares, but that would be my first choice if I had to have one.
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    Help me decide - Pearl Masters Maple Complete vs Ludwig Classic Maple Fab 22

    Ludwig CMs sound good and have "classic" in the name for a reason, but unless you're getting them for a ridiculously low price (though you're already considering add-on drums) it seems like you'd be settling for odd sizes just for the mojo of having Classic Maples. And if you really want CMs...
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    Refinished Joyful Noise Luminary (roadster green)

    Well done! I think there should be more color variety in metal snares.
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    Artimus Pyle Plane Crash Movie Promises Plenty of Humor, Sex, Drugs and Rock ' Roll

    It's a shame they can't use classic Lynyrd Skynyrd music in this but I'm still interested in watching.
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    Advice on Drum Tuning

    I have the original Tunebot which was replaced by the Studio. A key difference between the Studio and Gig models is the filter feature, which I think is necessary. Like Ptrick mentioned, a useful thing about tuners is repeatability; you can take notes of what the measurements are when you like...
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    Pet peeve "The audience can't tell the difference"

    Same. I've been there, usually when sitting in on a different kit, but if I'm not hearing what I expect (especially from the cymbals), it is distracting to me even if no one else notices.
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    Back on for music tomorrow!

    It's kinda unusual to see a Pork Pie snare with cast hoops. Did you spec those or did Bill?
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    Couple of live video clips from Them Duqaines

    Great production quality. Is that at Gruene Hall?