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    mick fleetwood’s “rumours” 1977 ludwig kit specs

    An interview with Fleetwood a long time ago in modern drummer says that his bass drum preference is 26 inch. In the process of leaving Ludwig he wanted to go with Sonor but they would not build a 26 especially for him as it was not in their catalog. Hence, the move to Tama.
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    Camco. Yummy!

    Can’t wait to borrow them for a gig!
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    RemO's Tone Control Rings - who uses them?

    I have begun to use them again after returning to close-micing the snare drum.I am in in-ears also; it seems that the part that the ring leaves is what I want in the PA. (which I also run...)
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    15” hi hat—Found

    I have a 15” Rude SoundEdge bottom under my Giant Beat top, very effective!
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    My Yammy's

    I have had similar floor Tom leg bracket slippage with my recording customs from 1988. Upon closer inspection I realized that it was the holes in the casting beginning to round out rather than any slippage of the wingnut and the eyebolt. It eventually got to where I needed to replace the bracket...
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    Sure, let’s do it!
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    How old (-ish) is the 17” Fast Crash and what do you need for it? Thanks!
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    What's your absolute favorite song?

    “Anesthetize” by Porcupine Tree which replaced ”Tarkus” by Emerson, Lake & Palmer.
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    New Gretsch Rail Consolette

    Nice, pretty kit!
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    Bun E. Carlos drum sets and cymbals for sale

    EndorsER-YES! (Sorry, a real bad pet peeve of mine...)
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    yet ANOTHER laughable greatest list

    I can’t believe how far into the rabbit hole I got sucked ...!
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    Premium membership and Ad free options.

    The transaction proceeds as it would normally do until it becomes time to pay the merchant at which case I get a notification on the PayPal page that “things are not going well right now try back later”, it did that a couple times ...
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    Drum Kit(s) You totally Regret Selling

    In 1983 I tracked down the red Sonor 9 piece that had been at NAMM that summer in Chicago. I also had cases made for them by the same company that did Journey’s cases.(Star Case Co., Orland Park, IL.- 25 minutes from my house!) So I had the drums, had the cases (couldn’t find the chops) and...
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    Premium membership and Ad free options.

    Also a no go on The PayPal option...9/9/19 noon.
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    ago. How many thousands of dollars must I save because if not getting to the “for sale” forums?

    ago. How many thousands of dollars must I save because if not getting to the “for sale” forums?