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    Restoring a 60's Oyster Black Pearl bass drum project...FINISHED!

    Chris: it looks Fab. Youre ready to play "Ticket To Ride" on it!! great job!
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    1950s Gretsch "Two Tone" snare drum.

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    The Gretsch Round Badge BDP Shell Has Arrived!!!

    Sounds cool jazz!
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    New Radio King prototypes

    Tommy: I Tip my Toupe to You!! those look INCREDIBLE, just right. The shells look awesome. I'm sure these sound phenomenal. You know what would be really cool? If you looked around and putting together off the shelf products, came up with a sturdy hoop mount for the tom tom, something really...
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    The Gretsch Round Badge BDP Shell Has Arrived!!!

    The Gretsch Round Badge BDP Shell Has Arrived, and its really a beauty. There are NO extra holes, and the wrap is in almost perfect condition. The only flaw is a few "dings" in the wrap at one section, but they are very hard to see. Seams are all tight. I gave it a good cleaning inside and...
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    Fun project - cheap Pearl Charlie Watts tribute

    nice set....but if wanna look like Charlie Watts set, you gotta mount the tom on a snare stand....:)
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    Ludwig Trans badge project

    JC: Wow. You really know your stains! I agree, your choice is going to look amazing. Good luck!! love those baby blue drums you did awhile back!
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    In praise of Bass drum mounted toms

    In 48 years of playing, I have always mounted my tom on the bass drum. I'm sure its because all my drummer idols were the drummers in the 1960s bands, Mel Taylor, Dave Clark, Ringo, etc and it just seems like the automatic thing to do. Plus it looks so Darn Cool!
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    Finally! A Duplex Spirit of St Louis!

    Tim: Beautiful Drum!! Congrats! Must feel great to finally own one.
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    Vintage MIJ Sets, Including Stencils!

    Kenwood. I have seen that Purple/Black diamond pearl set before. What a fantastic color. I wish we could buy that wrap today!!
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    Ludwig Trans badge project

    JC: unbelievable job getting those shells to look like that!! I have to say this: To me, these are screaming for a deep varnish, natural finish then a high gloss clear coat. I think they would look spectacular that way.
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    Bass drum "shell bank"

    Jam-Man: Thats a really interesting post. it resonates with me because very early in my career I found out that here in NYC, traveling to gigs by taxi, that a 20 in bass drum was mandatory. You see, for many many years, the NYC taxis were Crown Vics, and we found that a 20 inch BD in the soft...
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    Anyone recognize this throwoff?

    Yes, that's a Kent. Not a great throwoff.
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    Take a Look How Someone Built This Snare Drum!

    Although the 70s Slingerland Buddy Rich snares are the exact same way.
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    Take a Look How Someone Built This Snare Drum!

    This must be a case of "I'm going to build a working snare drum and the goal is to not spend any money on it, to just use all the parts I have lying around my parts bin". They certainly achieved that! Funny thing is, if the snare beds were cut well, it might sound very good.