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    Floor tom lost in mail!!

    Recently bought a cymbal on ebay. Shipper shipped promptly via usps. Was shown or tracking and then after the missed target arrival date, the box stopped being tracked. After 10 days, the seller put in a trace. The next day the box was found and was delivered in a few days.
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    Amazon deals thread

    This is a really good drum!
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    Slingerland Vintage Maroon Pearl?

    Pretty sure the '60s double sided wrap was gone when this maroon set was made.
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    Value of Premier flat based hihat stand and....

    Best to just go and see those deals before someone else grabs them.
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    Chad Smith leaving Sabian, with class

    As mentioned previously, and just because this makes me nuts, the artist is the ENDORSER, and the company is the endorsee.
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    Where can I buy a 25x25x20 box

    As suggested, buy the 28" box at FedEx. Also, remove the hoops, ton mounts and spurs and spur mounts. Even safer to remove all the lugs too.
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    Where can I buy a 25x25x20 box

    You have to buy 10 and pay for shipping.
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    Where can I buy a 25x25x20 box

    Largest at uhaul is 24x24
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    Semi-OT Sheryl

    I was impressed when she said that about having a black beauty. There were some vintage Ludwigs in her studio.
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    Where can I buy a 25x25x20 box

    25 and 26" boxes are nearly impossible to find. Fedex locations carry 28" cubes. You can get 26s but you have to buy 5 and pay for shipping. What are you shipping?
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    Ok..what drum company started using big logo’s on BD heads first?

    Looks like a white logo on a grayish head. I think both toms are on a center rail. I had a downbeat from 1958 that had a Ludwig ad on the back cover. The drummer was playing a twin tom set with both toms mounted on the rail.
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    Slingerland Vintage Maroon Pearl?

    Seen in the '76 catalog.
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    Kit shopping help

    The Tama and the two Gretsch sets are all nice deals for a first timer or parent. They're selling for the higher end of used, but they look clean and complete. You could find them for less, but a knowledgeable cleanup and the new heads are worth the extra dough. They're all a better value than...
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    uuuhhhhhh.... (Gretsch Tom Holder)

    There were two versions that look(ed) like that. One was a cheaper version that came on some lower end sets like the Catalinas. I prefer the ones that currently come on the Renowns. They look slicker and work perfectly.
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    Slingerland Vintage Maroon Pearl?

    Super rare. That and orange sparkle are the rarest sparkles from the '60s/'70s (both from the '70s). Seemingly as rare as aqua sparkle from '59.