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    Can you play a roll (and how important are they)?

    I don't think it's a good idea to switch back and forth between grips. If you mostly play. matched, play your rolls with matched grip. That switching between grips causes a constant "confused" left hand. Watch 3 of the all time greats play. They all obviously studied traditional at an early age...
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    Who is going to go pick this up and mail it to me?

    The link shows a much higher price. They have Yamaha mounts with a long horizontal pole for the tom that were made for the older style mounts. If you're looking for a nice natural bop set, there's a Mapex Saturn Manhattan set on reverb cheap. It's been there for a while so the seller might...
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    Natal Originals ... Loose wrap issue

    If you like the drum, don't return it. Guessing it wasn't too pricey. Precision or Jack Lawton could possibly be able to lift and secure the wrap if it bothered you that much. Because of the size a rewrap wouldn't be too pricey either.
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    Tama Starclassic Maple or Gretsch renown?

    Aren't the Starclassic maples closer in price to the top of the line Gretsch kits? I got the Renowns, but if money wasn't an issue I would have gotten Tama Starclassic maples.
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    Buddy on VOX/Trixon

    I bet he really hated them...the ones I've seen I don't think would hold up for him.
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    Buddy Rich 70's snare

    A lot of those 4x14s were sold with "rim shot counter hoops" (stick savers) that would have been steel. Mine came with the straight stick choppers which are steel.
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    Odd Bpm tempo numbers feel, well, odd...

    Seconds and minutes are man's creation... estimated subdivisions of time found in nature...artificial...same with distance measurements. "Feeling" the difference between odd and even bpm wouldn't make any sense. It's not the same as noticing an increase or decrease in speed. I'm sure there are...
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    PayPal Shipping Label Help Please

    Usually you are initially charged the higher rate, but then the amount taken from your PayPal should be the quoted rate from the print shipping label.
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    Set o matic height?

    I wouldn't go with the setomatic. The single arm sets the tom pretty far to the left. For a single tom, I think the simple double mount works better. With that one you wouldn't have to drill an extra hole in your tom as the short "arm" fits inside the mount. Neither the single or double tom...
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    The Least favourite snare you currently own

    Rogers chrome 5x14 dynasonic I got new in '72. Never liked it....always sounded mushy. Every so often I lost after Roger's sets, so I pull it off the shelf, crank it up, and it disappoints. Love powertones though.
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    Two toms mounted on bass drum

    You're anti-symetric.
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    WNY drummers - Buffalo Drum Outlet is closing

    Ya know how to make a million dollars in the drum shop business?
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    Rock Drummers who actually used Rolls

    Buford, and probably Carl Palmer
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    A little extra height

    That little thing your wife made would be perfect for those folks suffering with the early Slingerland double tom mount where both toms "sag."
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    Very thin sticks cause me physical stress

    Have some of those...never even thought to play rim clicks with rods. Will try it. Thx