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    Share you stories about meeting your (drumming) heroes!

    I also meet Keech Rainwater. At the time he was with the band Canyon and they were playing at a club in Conroe, Tx around 1990. During the break I went up to the stage and he introduced himself and I mentioned I also played drums. We had a great chat and he even share his unique way that he play...
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    How to match a stain color

    I finally got around to finishing the 14x14 floor tom to go along with my blue stained Adonis kit. The stain didn't come out as dark as I had hoped but hopefully it's close enough. It sounds really good, using Evans EC2 on the batter side and clear Remo Ambassador for the resonant head. Also...
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    First Drum Solo You Ever Learned

    Same here, Wipe Out was the first one.
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    Bass drum pedals flagged as weapons on FB marketplace...

    Yes, I agree AI - 0 , they need to do some work on their AI algorithm :)
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    16" Bass Drums

    Thanks for the tip. I might add a cymbal holder when I get around to recovering it.
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    16" Bass Drums

    I have a 16x16 Ludwig that I bought off Ebay years ago, I still haven't gotten around to recovering it. It already had the spurs and tom holder mounted when I bought it. I added a small riser rod that also has the mount for kick drum pedal. I have a microphone permanently mounted inside and a...
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    LiveBPM App Question

    Thanks Tom for the plug! I also wanted to mention that for a limit time each order includes the DrumClip Accessory Adapter, this eliminates the need to put velcro on your drum and allows you to easily attach to a drum that is not yours as Tom mentioned. The Accessory Adapter does reduce the...
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    Who else is using 13" hi-hats?

    I always 13" for live playing, I have some cheapo 14"s for practice.
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    Aerosmith Sets the Record Straight Update -- Joey Kramer Played Last Night (2/10)

    A friend sent this article. Here is one of the quotes. "Kramer says he grudgingly reauditioned with a “click track” in early January and was told his skills lacked “energy,” so he wouldn’t be allowed back on stage for the Grammy performance with guest musicians including Run-DMC. "
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    How to match a stain color

    Thanks, as suggested earlier I got some shell scraps coming from Precision Drum Company where I bought the shell. Only having to pay for the shipping. I will be taking these to Sherwin Williams that will be matching the color.
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    New Product That Monitors Your Tempo

    Thanks so much for the feedback. I agree the knob is kinda of tall and I am still searching for a shorter one. There are not a lot of options when is comes to knobs that fit correctly, but I am still looking. I have another user that has suggested the same thing. Definitely something I am...
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    What spare stuff do you bring to the gig?

    A pair of extra sticks in my hardware bag and a extra snare head. And I take inventory once everything is loaded up. Many years ago I was carpooling with my good friend who plays bass and he was helping transfer my equipment to his car. He got to talking and did not load up everything. Got to...
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    How to match a stain color

    That's a great idea, thanks.
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    How to match a stain color

    Thanks for the suggestions. It will be a semi gloss finish. How many coats of stain? Do I sand between each coat? As you can tell I am very much a newbie at this. Here is the tom I want to match.